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Active Harmonic Filter

One way to meet the new requirements is to simply reduce the harmonics to an acceptable level. Many modern active harmonic filters can pinpoint the harmonic orders that are contributing, and the compensation power can be optimized to meet the requirements in the most cost efficient way.

The modern Active Harmonic Filter is one of the most efficient harmonic solutions the market today. Filters are commonly available in a 208 – 480V version and a 480 – 690V. The Active Harmonic Filter can be combined with 6 pulse drives and will be placed in parallel with the load, minimizing the need of compensation power to 20 – 30 % of the load. The parallel placement will also ensure the redundancy in the design, which is a major advantage in a critical applications. Modular solutions, which are now more commonly available gives a dynamic and agile solution to work for future improvements to existing machinery.


Nantech AHF the true harmonics solution, is a solid-state power converter that brings about the following advantages to improve power quality

  • Eliminates all harmonic currents from non-linear loads
  • Compensates reactive power factor of lagging loads
  • Acts as a virtual damping resistor to prevent possible harmonic resonance

AHF behaves like a harmonics current generator. It will measure the harmonics generated from the non-linear loads and cancels these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite phase shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude.

True Harmonic Solution

  • Active Harmonic Compensation
  • Improve Power Quality
  • Instantaneous Dynamic Response
  • Flexible Up – Grading / Redundancy
  • Various capacity ranges 25A / 1200A

Harmonic Pollution

Harmonic pollution is an increasing problem which affects all power distribution networks in industrial, commercial, telecom and medical applications. Most of the power converting equipment or facilities can generate harmonic current.

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • DC power systems/chargers Frequency converters
  • AC/DC variable speed drivers
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Welding machines
  • Computers & peripherals.

Effects Of Harmonic Pollution

  • Over voltage/current in the distribution network
  • Overheated power cables due to skin effect and copper and iron loss in transformers, motors and generators
  • Overheating in all types of electronic systems
  • Damage to capacitors due to resonance
  • Inaccuracy of instrument measurement
  • Interference in telecommunication systems
  • Voltage distortion and lagging in power factor