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APC Inverter

APC, the global leader in power protection introduces the most reliable Home – UPS. Get it today and say goodbye to power cuts!

Provides Maximum Benefits

  • World class tele support, 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • 2 Year / 24 month Onsite Replacement Warranty on Home – UPS
  • 18 month Onsite Replacement Warranty on battery supplied by APC
  • 4 Free Preventive Maintenance Visits for the battery supplied by APC during the 10 month warranty period
  • Lightest in its class, compact and aesthetically designed
  • Child and shock proof features offering complete safety
  • Supports switchover time for computers

More Benefits

  • Automatic changeover from Mains to UPS mode in less than 20 milliseconds
  • Operates on wide input voltage
  • High & Low input voltage protection for connected equipment
  • Battery recharges even at very low input voltage
  • A built – in holiday mode switch prevents battery discharge when not in use for a long time

Back Up Time Chart

Load BI 1000I HI1000I HI600SQ
100% Up to 1 hr 45 min Up to 2 hrs Up to 2 hrs 40 min
50% Up to 5 hrs Up to 5 hrs Up to 6 hrs 40 min
25% Up to 11 hrs 15 min Up to 11 hrs Up to 15 hrs 45 min

* Subject to Home – UPS battery being fully charged. Backup times with 100AH batteries.

 Model  BI1000I  HI800SQ  HI600SQ
 Capacity  1000VA / 660W  800VA / 500W  600VA / 360W
 Output wave form  Pure Sine wave  Square wave  Square wave
 Voltage on Mains  100 – 270V  100 – 265VAC  v100 – 270VAC
 Frequency(Input)  47 – 53Hz  47 – 53Hz  47 – 53Hz
 Voltage(on Battery)  210V + / – 10%  170 – 275VAC  170 – 260VAC
 Frequency(on Battery)  50Hz + / – 1%  50Hz + / – 1%  50Hz + / – 1%
 Transfer Time  20 milli seconds  20 milli seconds  20 milli seconds

 BI1000I HI800SQ HI600SQ
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APC's B1850SINE Home-UPS is a convinient way to keep your lights,fans and sensitive electronics running during power cuts.Eliminate the inconvenience that a loss of mains power brings,and cotinue your daily routine without distribution.Designed specifically for india,s harsh power conditions,the B1850Sine's state-of-the-art circuitry delivers backup power instantly,and it also recharges your battery faster,so you get the longest possible battery life.For a complete system, connect the Home-UPS to an APC battery and trolley(both sold seperately)and enjoy the security of uninterruptedpower for your home or business.

Keeps your equipment running for hours when the power goes out.

Product Features:

  • High Quality Sine Wave Output-eliminate humming and heat generated when powering tubelights and fans.
  • LED Indicators-provide easy-to-read status of your power conditions.Home-UPS and battery.
  • Home/Away Switch – keeps your battery changed when you're away,and prevents needless discharges.
  • Inteligent Battery Charging- Microprocessor controlled,3-stage regulated charging ensures the fastest recharge times without decreasing battery life.
  • Wide Input Voltage Window- saves your battery power for when you really need it- during power cuts!
  • UPS/INVERTER Switch- lets you power computer systems as well as lights,fans and televisions.
  • Charger Output Selector- matches the battery charger output to your spcific battery,ensuring the longest possible battery life by preventing under and over-charging.
  • Battery Input Fuses- Protect against installation mishaps.
  • Advanced Safety Features- safeguard your Home-UPS and battery.
  • Push Button Circuit Breaker- provides easy recovery from an overload while on mains power.
  • Generator Compatability- allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power