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Constant Voltage Transformer

Our Range of CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer) Operates at a relatively constant frequency providing substantial constant output voltage inspite of large changes in the input voltage. This power equipment comprises a high resistance transformer, which has an air gap in a magnetic shut for providing a constant voltage output. Resonant action of the secondary winding of the transformer and the capacitor is responsible for the whole action.


  • Provides high voltage correction rate against wide range of input volatges
  • Isolates output load from mains
  • Excellent spike, surge suppression
  • No semiconductor or moving part used, hence very high reliability
  • Energy storage for line loss up to main 3ms at typical load

Fileds Of Application

  • Computers
  • Data Processing equipment
  • Colour Photography Labs
  • Bio – Medical equipment
  • PA equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • TV
  • VCD/DVD recorders & players
  • Teleprinters
  • Fax machine
  • and all other sensitive electronic devices