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  • luminous inverter in chennai
  • luminous inverter in chennai


Long Backup UPS


  • Micro-controller based design
  • Selectable battery option
  • Runs single PC up to 15.0 hrs with 24V 150 AH battery
  • Charges battery very fast
  • Pre-loaded battery management software
  • Regulated output voltage window during regulated UPS model
  • Regulated battery charging from 120V to 300V
  • Automatic holiday mode preserves battery charge(away from home for long time)
  • Audio alarms on : mains fail, charger blown, battery low, no load shutdown
  • Visual indications on : mains on, UPS on, smart charge, overload / short circuit trip, charger fuse blown, battery low, no load shutdown

Technical Specification

 Input  Rating  600VA  800VA  1400VA
 Regulated UPS Mode
 Under voltage  180+/-5V
 Over voltage  265+/-5V
 Unregulated UPS Mode
 Under voltage  100+/-10V
Over voltage 300+/-10V
Battery Type 120AH – 150AH
Lead Acid Type
 Number  1  1  2

Features Of Luminous Inverters

  • Regenerative Energy Cycling – Technology
  • Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest electricity consumption.
  • Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.
  • Harmonics Compensated Wave shape for higher appliance life.

SMART Charge-Technology

  • Charges batteries two times faster.
  • Advanced Battery Management: enhances battery life by up to 70%.
  • Negligible battery water loss.
  • Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment.

Other Unique Features Of Luminous Inverters

  • Electronic overload/Short-circuit protection.
  • Battery deep discharge protection.
  • Battery undercharge/overcharge protection.
  • Battery reverse polarity protection.
  • Battery charging even at sustained Mains Low voltage up to 160V.

Technical Specification

Rating 600VA 800VA 1400VA 2000VA
 Frequency  Same as input
 Inverter Mode  50HZ +/-2%
 Output voltage  Same as Input Voltage
 Inverter Mode  220V AC Nominal
Output Wave Form  QUASI Sine Wave
 Inverter Mode  600VA  800VA  1400VA  2000VA
 Mains Mode  2.5KVA  2.5KVA  2.5KVA  2.5KVA
 DC Input  12 V  12 V  24V  48V
 Charging Current  5.6 Amp  7.8 Amp  8.9 Amp  10Amp
 Change Over Time  70 ms
 Operating Temp  0 TO 40 deg C
Storage Temp  0 TO 45 deg C
Humidity  0 TO 95% (NON CONDENSING)
Indications  Mains ON, Inv. ON, Battery charging, Battery
 low trip, Over load trip, Battery & load
 level bar graph
Protections  Electronic over load/short circuit protection,
 Battery deep discharge protection, Battery
 Reverse polarity protection,Battery over/under
 Charge protection, MCB at out put
Battery Charging  140V AC TO 270V AC
Voltage Range  –
 W x L x H IN MM  397 x 355 x 120  397 x 385 x 156  510 x 580 x 260
Trolley ( Feet) 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 2 x 2 x 2 2 x 2 x 2
Net Weight(Kgs.) 13 15 24 28.5