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  • servo voltage stabilizer in chennai
  • servo voltage stabilizer in chennai
  • servo voltage stabilizer in chennai

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The purpose of voltage stabilizer is to receive a fluctuating AC voltage of low or high amplitude & deliver an almost constant voltage, at the output. The voltage variations, which have become a common phenomenon in power supply systems, cause havoc in modern advanced electronic equipments. The voltage stabilizers are meant to take care of this problem. They avoid breakdown, ensure longer life of the equipments & save in energy during high incoming voltages.

WHY Nantech ?

  • The use of variable speed servo motor along with proportional type of control circuit ensures that the voltage fluctuations are corrected quickly without any oscillations at the output so as to protect the end equipment.
  • Hunting, oscillation, and noise generation is eliminated.
  • The rate of voltage correction is 2-3 times faster than our competitors.
  • Designed to work on Unbalanced Line & Load conditions wherein each phase is individually controlled with separate variable speed Motor & Electronic Controls.
  • The response time of stabilizer quick at 10 msec.
  • The improved efficiency of 98% compared to typical 95% available in the market will reduce running costs. Substantial saving in the electric bill (lower power losses) will pay back the cost of equipment in 2/3 years.
  • D.G. Set compatibility: Special RMS sensing circuit ensures no drift in output voltage even with distorted waveform, generally observed in D.G. Set. This avoids nuisance trippings of advanced electronic equipments, otherwise observed.
Output voltage* 230V AC for 1 phase
415 VAC for 3 phase
4 wire system.
 Regulation  ± 1% or 0.5%
Supply frequency 47-53 Hz
Efficiency Better than 98%
Waveform distortion Nil
Effect of load power factor Nil
Ambient 0-45°C max. relative humidity upto 90%
Environment Designed for indoor tropical use
Enclosure IP 21