In the recent times, almost everyone is dependent on some electronic appliance no matter where they are, may it be school, office, home, any institution or even while travelling. We are all aware of the tremendous benefits that the scientific devices like laptops, tablets, computers and mobile phones offer. And thus the constant supply of current has also become a basic necessity to continue the everyday activities.

With the introduction of different power gadgets and new techniques the problem of power cuts has been solved not only in towns and cities but also in rural areas. But still in some situation many face problems due to power cuts and blackouts which can be avoided using UPS and inverters. Both the electrical devices provide power back up, but an inverter is a better and more convenient option at times of extended power cuts. Many other reasons make inverters more suitable than UPS. UPS can only supply power for a limited, but the inverter offers current supply more as its battery backup is more.

A UPS plays an important part when connected to your electronic gadget at times of power blackouts. It ensures that your device does not lose power due to the interruption of power supply from the main source. A UPS is essential as it provides you a time of at least 15-20mins before shutting down. This avoids losing of data and information.

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In India, inverter batteries are easily available for those who need power backups at offices or homes. The need for inverters has become mandatory because our country still has issues with providing continuous current especially in metropolitan cities, also in towns and rural areas. With the help of inverters battery, you can use certain electronic devices even during power outages. So to buy the best reliable inverter for personal or office use you should contact Exide Car battery dealers in Chennai to know about the different models.

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Long gone are the days when you had to go to shops and dealers to compare the features and prices of different brands and models. Wide ranges of batteries are now available online, and you are just a click away from your inverter battery. This offer comes with online delivery at your doorsteps without having you to travel a long distance to get your product. You can easily select the type and size of the battery through various portals. The method of buying your product online has lots of benefits as it saves time, saves the energy required to travel a long distance and avoiding confusion while comparing hundreds of brands and models.

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An inverter purchased from Exide battery dealers is a quality investment because it ensures you do not stay without electricity for long. The Exide care website plays a vital role as it helps the buyers to compare the ranges of products and select an ideal one. This is a handy tool for those who want the best value for their money. All the products that you purchase from the site demand no delivery charge and also have the cash on delivery option. This makes the Exide care website ideal for buyers.

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Exide battery dealers in chennai offer a wide range of storage batteries in the world from 2.5 Ah to 20600 Ah covering the broadest spectrum of applications. The top rated brands of Exide are-


The Exide Company has almost seven physical outlets across the country. Exide R&D centre is equipped with a tool room that facilitates material testing and has laboratories for examination of the raw materials and components that are to be used for the manufacturing of the batteries. The inverter battery does not require any maintenance to make sure that it is working in its best condition. The inverter also maintains your comfort level as it keeps you away from load shedding and power cuts. It only requires an open space and proper cleaning at regular intervals. So when you want to purchase a battery for your inverter, an Exide inverter battery can be a perfect choice.