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Complete Power Backup Solutions

Selecting the right UPS system does not complete your search for a total power backup solution. You need to choose the most appropriate UPS batteries.

Our search for UPS batteries ends at Nantech, the authorized Amaron battery dealers in Chennai

Nantech brings to you a wide range of Ultra zero-maintenance Amaron Hi-backup batteries.

Amaron Batteries incorporates a patented hybrid alloy system which minimises water loss and hence no frequent top ups.

The unique paste formulation enables quick charging of the battery and also a higher backup.

Amaron Quanta Hi-backup power batteries are manufactured in state of the art plant of Amara Raja Batteries the largest manufacturers of Standby VRLA Industrial Batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim Region in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc., leading auto battery makers in the Americas and world leaders in Automotive Systems and Controls.

As the leading Amaron Battery Dealer in Chennai, at Nantech you get standard products at competitive prices.

Choose from different models like 80AH, 100AH, 120AH, 140AH, & 160AH that cater to different equipment and power requirements.. The batteries come with a warranty of 18 months.

Amaron Quanta Battery - Amaron Car Battery Dealers in Chennai


As the most-trusted Amaron Battery Dealer in Chennai, we would like to highlight the fact that Amaron® Hi-Life Batteries are made in an ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14001 and TS16949 certified plant using world-class technology, making them long-lasting.


  • AGM Technology
  • High – reliable
  • Heavy Duty Lead alloy
  • Low Impedance Path
  • Superior Compression Characteristic
  • Prolong Life
Data Centre
Banks &Financial Markets
Network Operation Centre
Hospital &Testing Laborites
Internet Housing Site


To clean your batteries, first, remove the dust from its cover using a cotton cloth. Then look for damp or corroded parts and clean them with water and baking soda. Amaron Battery Dealers in Chennai recommend frequent cleaning and advise against using detergent, solvent or spray cleaners.
To check if your battery needs to be replaced, call in Amaron Battery Dealers in Chennai. They will send a professional technician to inspect the battery for damages and do complete maintenance. If the battery is about to go dead, they will ask you to replace it.
There are two ways to improve inverter battery life. One, make regular use of the inverter battery. Two, if there have been no power cuts in the past month, then discharge the battery completely and then recharge. All Amaron Battery Dealers in Chennai recommend these two tips to improve life.
No, you should not mount a battery upside down. Amaron Battery Dealers in Chennai say that when a battery is overcharged, its pressure vents open. These release gases which can condense into acid in specific conditions. If the battery is upside down when this happens, the acid will form a puddle around the battery.
Amaron Battery Dealers in Chennai have the fastest recharging batteries. The recharge is quicker than other batteries because of three features. One, they use a patented insta-charge paste recipe. Two, they have a low self discharge and finally, the batteries come with excellent charge acceptance.
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