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Best Power Backup Option

Looking for an inverter in Chennai? As the leading inverter dealers in Chennai, the wide line of domestic inverters that Nantech offers is available in various capacities and is fabricated as per the industry standards.

Clients can avail our inverters in Chennai at the most competitive prices.

These are acknowledged for features like auto cut-off when the battery is overcharged or undercharged giving complete protection against overload.

A cooling fan is also provided, and the inverters are offered with a finely finished cabinet for a glossy look.

We are eminent in manufacturing and supplying an extensive line of domestic inverters for our clients making us the best inverter dealers in Chennai.

The highly advanced range of domestic inverters that we offer is available with 250 VA – 5 KVA power. Clients can avail domestic inverters in different capabilities and specifications.

These are highly automated and automatically cut off the battery when overcharged or undercharged.



Reliable And Serviceable

The conventional components in the inverter ensure reliability and serviceability. The compactness of the inverter makes it suitable for small homes. The auto shut down option during excess load keeps the load within restricted limits by cancelling the manual resetting option. When the load is over 115% of the prescribed capacity, the shut down happens automatically.

Nantech is one of the best Inverter Dealers in Chennai offering a wide inverter range and inverter batteries for all leading brand inverters. The company is renowned for its after sales service for all brands of inverters in Chennai. Expect delivery in both standard and custom ways without any compromise on warranty.


  • Self restart on overload
  • Fan cooling
  • Finely finished cabinet for glossy look


For any customer who approaches us to buy an inverter in Chennai, we suggest a simple formula to know which inverter to buy. First, find out the different devices you will be connecting to the inverter. Once you have that list, you’ll need to know the wattage required to run the devices correctly. Use the following formula to determine the correct inverter size model for you: AMPS x 120 = Watts.
As the leading inverter dealers in Chennai, we do not advise keeping the inverter far away from your batteries. In fact, the cables should be as short as possible because it helps the inverter perform optimally. Plus, it keeps the signal clean.
No, your inverter is not weatherproof. As experienced inverter dealers in Chennai, we recommend thinking of the inverter as a TV. You would never leave the TV outside in the rain, wind, sun or during a storm. Please take the same care and precautions with your inverter.
This is a common question we face when customers query us to know about our inverters in Chennai. To know when your inverter battery is fully charged, please check the battery charge status indicator. It is on the front display panel. A good inverter comes with high electrolyte volume. It means your battery will have an extended power backup!
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