Microtek Inverter Dealers In Chennai

Overview And Specifications

Microtek is a Pure Sinewave UPS with > 80% Efficiency. Designed using Latest state-of-the-art Technology. It comes with many smart features, display status, fault conditions and battery voltage selection switch.

The UPS operates from Standard Voltage range from 100 V~ 300 V and Narrow Voltage range from 180 V ~ 260 V for running computers and sensitive appliances.

Nantech is an authorized Microtek Inverter dealer in Chennai and We offer pure sinewave inverters to end the power outage problems of the customers. The single battery system inverter is built with the latest technology displaying the status to indicate faults and overload. The inverter is reliable and is true value for the investment. The product comes with intelligent control design with digital sine technology for prolonged battery life. The technology helps in reducing maintenance related expenses.

Microtek Inverter Distributor In Chennai

State Of The Art Technology

The uninterrupted power supply protects expensive electrical devices and appliances from damage. It provides smart overload sensors and intelligent circuit protection. It also gives an auto-reset feature to switch off during overloads and automatically resets to reduce the load. The technology helps to prevent fluctuations to a greater extent. The inverter is tested on numerous quality parameters. The battery offers long backup giving relief from extended power interruptions. Microtek offers two years warranty along with quick delivery.

Available Models

  • EB & SEBZ Model : 700VA, 900VA , 1100VA, 1250VA, 1600VA, 2000VA
  • E² & SWE² Model : 715+ , 925+,1115+, 1625+
  • Jumbo Sinewave: 2.6kVA, 3.6kVA, 5.5kVA, 5.7kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA


  • Micro controlled based Intelligent Control Design
  • Display Indications (Status & Fault)
  • Multi Stage Battery Charger
  • Mains Input Voltage Range Selection
  • Battery State Monitoring



Mixed Load

Small Office


Commercial Segment