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Most electrical problems like tripping of switchgear, blowing of fuses, failure of electronic equipment, flicker, high energy costs etc. are because of disturbances in the electrical network.

Nantech, leading UPS manufacturer and supplier in Chennai, also specializes in the field of Power Quality Solutions since last 30 years. Using modern state of the art equipment, we are actively conducting Power Quality Audits and Power monitoring at various Automobile, Engineering, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, IT Data centers, Printing, Textiles, Defence & Railway establishments at an all India level.

Our design exposure to drives, automation, PLCs, Motors etc. and close associations with designers and foreign principals have provided us valuable insights and knowledge in this field to provide detailed analysis and solutions.

We can provide a comprehensive range of on-site services which includes:

Power Quality Audit & Harmonic Analysis

  • Power Quality Audit
  • Power monitoring and Load analysis
  • Harmonic and Reactive power analysis
  • Transient and Flicker analysis
  • Compliance monitoring

Using advanced software tools, we can generate detailed graphical waveforms, event reports, trend sheets and summary reports for various nodes in the electrical network. We also provide recommendations and solutions to rectify the problem with their cost benefit analysis. The typical power quality disturbances observed at various sites are: Voltage fluctuation, Harmonics, Frequency variation, Earth leakage, Transients, Surge, Sag, High frequency noise, Glitch, Notches etc. Some sample reports and graphs from monitoring at various client sites are shown.

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