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Wondering WhetherTo Replace Your Battery? Inverter Battery Dealers In Chennai Can Help You!

Power cuts are an everyday story in almost every Indian household. The frequent power cuts often become a cause of concern during the scorching summer months. Also, the fact that nearly all electrical devices like television, refrigerator, etc. can only work with the presence of uninterrupted power supply throws light on the necessity to ensure 24 x 7 power supply. So, what is the answer to all these power issues? Well, you know the answer! Inverter batteries are the ideal solution for every single power issues we face daily.

But, buying inverter batteries is easier said than done. When you take a look at the options available in the market, you are sure to end up being confused about how to get 100% genuine inverter batteries. You will have to make a comparison study between different batteries and the stores which sell them before making a decision. That makes it a lengthy and tiring task making you lose your precious time and energy. The busy work schedules further add to our woes.Finding an authorized dealer is also essential.

So, how to choose the right battery and the right inverter? This is where Nantech being an authorized inverter battery dealer in Chennai can lend you a helping hand. We offer a wide variety of top-notch quality batteries that you no longer have to look for other options. Whatever be your need, we have it! We can provide you portable inverters batteries from leading brands like Exide, Luminous, Amaron, etc. We offer technologically advanced high-end power solutions with exquisite features. Nantech stands as a paradigm among Other inverter battery dealers in Chennai by offering the best quality products at an affordable price, free delivery within 24 hours of order placement, free installation, and low maintenance costs.

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Flawless Products from the Foremost Inverter Battery Dealers, Chennai

Nantech inverter batteries come with a company warranty that provides the assurance of long-lasting battery life with high-performance standards. We deliver long back up flawlessly that you need not worry about power interruptions at all. The inverter batteries come with minimum emission of gases thereby ensuring lesser impacts on the environment. Nantech offers you inverter batteries with capacities that range from 100 to 150 Ah and 151 to 200 Ah. You can choose the one that suits your power backup need.


There are three things you should consider when buying a battery. As the leading Inverter Battery Dealer in Chennai, we advise factoring in power, size and warranty of the battery. Size and power will help you find out if the inverter can offer enough power backup for your house. Warranty will give you free after-sales services.
No, you cannot use any type of water in batteries. When you buy batteries from an Inverter Battery Dealer in Chennai, it comes filled with acid water. You only have to refill it with distilled water. Adding any other kind of water will damage the battery cells, which in turn lessen life and performance.
Yes, all Nantech inverter batteries come with a warranty. We are known as the best Inverter Battery Dealer in Chennai because our guarantee ensures that every battery we sell meets high-performance standards. Moreover, we give you assurance of a battery with a long-lasting life.
The lifespan of an inverter battery can be as long as 10 years. The actual lifespan depends upon how often the battery is used, the number of cycles it has and its environment. A battery from a good Inverter Battery Dealer in Chennai kept in a well-ventilated area and maintained properly will last you a long time.

To decide which inverter you need, find out the total load it will carry. For this, calculate the number of lights, fans and other devices and add up their wattages.

To decide the batteries you will need, determine for how long you require power backup. Then look for an Inverter Battery Dealer in Chennai that offers you one in the size that matches your backup time.

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