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Our Line Interactive UPS System functions with high electrical efficiency, delivering quality power with less than 5% threshold. We are able to give an improved output voltage regulation due to its superior performance.

A typical line inverter UPS uses a power converter which will ensure that the inverter functions when the input power is not available or falls below the range that is required.

We have a wide range of product sizes ranging from 600VA to 3KVA and can be chosen based on the requirement of the business.

Our customers are highly satisfied with all the products are 100% original and brand new and are dispatched only after a thorough quality testing procedure.

Line Interactive UPS

Enjoy The Finest Line Interactive UPS System

Our Line Interactive UPS system has a built in AVR which provides clean power for a wide input voltage range which allows the UPS to work in the optimum mode even when the input power is fluctuating between high and low voltages. The energy efficiency of these products is very high at 96% to 98%. Our Line interactive UPS Systems are also highly reliable and come at an affordable cost suitable for even small businesses. We deliver high quality products at the best prices and that is the reason why we are rated as one among the leading UPS suppliers in Chennai.

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • LCD Display
  • Smart Battery Management
  • Full time EMI/RFI Suppression
  • Microprocessor Controlled Circuit
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