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Exide offers high-end DSP based Pure Sine Wave Home UPS with Grid Quality Power Output which guarantees 100% protection and long life for your electrical and electronic appliances. Exide’s ASIC technology driven Home UPS ensures correct battery charging for long backup and less top up.

Nantech is the authorized dealer in Chennai for Inverters. The company offers high-end DSP products with superior grid quality power output. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a state of the art technology sensing the battery condition and charges according to the battery life thereby cutting down on water topping. The inverter comes with a programmed built-in cooling fan operating automatically on a need basis. The Electrolyte level sensor indicator displays the battery water level to protect the battery from drying up. The inverter comes with mains bypass facility. The inverter comes with little maintenance making it a preferred option for homes.

Exide Inverter
The LCD Display is suitable for notifications and displaying the battery voltage, an actual applied load, short circuit, overload protection, low battery alarm, trip protection, AC mains fuse blew indicator, fuse trips and normal mode selection. The Exide inverter is tested on numerous quality parameters promising protection to the Main PCB. The product is backed by Exide warranty.


  • DSP Based Pure Sinewave UPS
  • ASIC Technology
  • Main bypass facility
  • Electrolyte Level Sensor indicator
  • In-built high precision quality


  • Exide XTATIC : 650VA, 850VA, 1450VA
  • Exide Sinewave Inverter : 650VA, 850VA , 1050VA, 1450VA,
  • Hi-end Sinewave Inverter: 2kVA, 2.5kVA, 3.5kVA, 5.2kVA7.5kVA, 10kVA


Small Office
Commercial Segment
Mixed Load
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