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Active Harmonic Filter


Nantech, one of the best UPS manufacturing companies in Chennai, we are also the Enterprise Business Partner of Vertiv Power Products formerly known as Emerson Network Power. We deal with Liebert Emerson Active Harmonic Filter.

Emerson Active Harmonic Filter dynamically cleans up harmonics and improves the power factor for all types of electrical installations. It has dynamic control features and has no resonance effects, no reactive power circulation and no passive components. Our professional installation style will suit any business immaterial of the size of the operation.

Liebert AF3 uses the latest technology to eliminate harmonics that are injected into the mains supply by nonlinear loads, as well supplies inductive power demanded by the load, so as to correct input power factor to near unity.

One way to meet the new requirements is to simply reduce the harmonics to an acceptable level.

Many modern active harmonic filters can pinpoint the harmonic orders and the compensation power can be optimized to meet the requirements in the most cost efficient way. The modern Active Harmonic Filter is one of the most efficient harmonic solutions in the market today.


Filters are commonly available in 208 – 480V version and 480 – 690V. The Active Harmonic Filter can be combined with 6 pulse drives and will be placed in parallel with the load, minimizing the need of compensation power to be at 20 – 30 % of the load.

The parallel placement will also ensure the redundancy in the design, which is a major advantage in case of critical applications. Modular solutions, which are now more commonly available gives a dynamic and agile solution to work for future improvements to the existing machinery. Our ranges are 30A, 60A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A.


  • 32 bit, DSP Control
  • PF Compensation, Leading as well as Lagging
  • High Speed IGBTs in Power Circuit
  • Load Balancing
  • Programmable Selective Harmonic Elimination
  • Internal CAN Communication


Commercial Buildings
BPO / IT Sector
Banking Sector
Machine Loads
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