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Choose The Best From Online UPS Dealers in Chennai

Nantech offers true double conversion online UPS with the latest technology of microprocessor DSP power control system which is IGBT based and delivers pure sine-wave output that gives accurate voltage and clean power.

These are

  • Easy to install and
  • Operate in addition to being a very reliable source of power backup for your organization.

The compact design and the sustainability of our online UPS systems have made deliver uninterrupted power to many businesses immaterial of the size of the organization.

The quality and the timely service have made us the best online UPS manufacturers in Chennai.

Online UPS

Online UPS Manufacturers in Chennai – Made To Specifications

Our Online UPS offers advanced technology in the rectifier section with active power factor correction. This is the main reason why we are able to reduce the power consumption by thirty percent. Our Online UPS assures maximum reliability; IGBT rectifier UPS allows perfect pure sine-wave output. The front panel of the UPS has User-friendly LED / LCD interface, which will let you know the current status of operation. The online UPS is always ON and hence the voltage does not have any distortion. Common disturbances like blackouts or spikes are not found during operation.

  • True Double Conversion UPS
  • Micro Processor Control
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Active Power factor Correction
  • High Efficiency
  • Generator Compatible
  • Supports USB/ RS232
  • Optional: SNMP / Modbus
  • In-built Battery Model upto 3kVA
All Industries
Banking Sector
BPO/ IT Sector
Medical Instruments
Educational Institutions
Used of all Sophisticated Machines
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