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Luminous Inverter


Freedom From Power Outage

Luminous Inverter is a pure Sinewave home UPS with features such as Intelligent Water Level Indication which helps a consumer for hassle-free tracking of the water level in the battery.

Pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps in saving on electricity bills.

You can buy a Luminous Pure Sinewave home UPS from one of the finest Luminous Inverter Dealers in Chennai

It comes with an automatic long backup system with an instant switch on whenever there is a power failure indicator.

Enjoy non-stop power supply with a Luminous home inverter which can be delivered immediately.

When the main power supply is restored the battery is put on recharge, ready for the next unexpected power interruption.

Luminous Inverter


  • The technology is highly reliable
  • Overload alert and reset function without any manual operation
  • Superior battery management technology improves battery life and performance
  • Noiseless operation of appliances even when connected to the inverter
  • The output is suitable for all appliances keeping your appliances safe from power fluctuations
  • Apt for sensitive equipment suppor
  • Complete protection against overload, low battery, overcharging and short circuit
  • 24/7/365 days technical support to prevent downtime
  • Comes with little maintenance needs and warranty support
  • Tested on numerous quality parameters
Luminous inverter runs domestic home lighting systems and appliances and also sensitive and expensive appliances like the computer, water pumps, refrigerators, air conditioner, mobile chargers and more.


  • Pure Sinewave output
  • High Efficiency
  • MCB Protection
  • Bypass Switch
  • Synchronized Change over
  • Overload Protection with auto reset.

Available Models

  • Eco Watt: 700VA, 850VA,1050VA, 1650VA
  • Eco Volt: 700VA, 850VA , 1050VA, 1650VA
  • Zelio : 1100VA, 1700VA
  • Cruze : 2kVA, 2.5kVA, 3.5kVA, 5.2kVA, 5.5kVA, 7.5kVA, 10kVA


Small Office
Commercial Segment
Mixed Load
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