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Street Lights


Bright Nights Ahead

Nantech has a wide range of energy-efficient LED Solar Street Lights and AC Street lights. All the models use LED drivers driven by the latest state of art technology promising high efficiency and PFC. Nantech solar street lights are controlled by a microcontroller which enables automatic on/off and dimming of street lights based on the availability of natural light. Street lights have excellent thermal management which results in longer life of LEDs. Our fixtures are uniquely designed to transfer the heat from LED to the atmosphere at a very fast rate which enables to keep the junction temperature at a minimum.

Our streetlight models are well designed and adhere to IP 65 rating apart from being aesthetically appealing. Solar street light uses the energy of the sun making it safe and environment-friendly. Solar Lighting can be used for urban parks, highways, roads and lawn lighting.

OFF Grid Solar Panel

Embrace innovative and modern illumination system for streets without accessing the power grid. The leading Solar Panel Supplier offers a range of LED lamps, control electronics, battery, solar Ph hardware among others with corrosion resistant features. We offer fast installation and environment-friendly battery with prolonged life and less maintenance with daytime charging and nighttime illumination. Our superior lighting system is specially designed to offer backup for cloudy and rainy days by cutting down on the power bills. The daily hours of operation are from dusk to dawn and is available in 12V, 40WP for LED. The battery is tubular and adheres to the standards of specifications for street lights.

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