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SF Sonic Batteries


Ready To Use Condition

SF SONIC offers a wide range of automobile, home and business batteries, ideal for every need. SF Sonic delivers unmatched performance in the most grueling conditions.

In essence, a backup power that is reliable, efficient and affordable.

Our special design which has the hybrid alloy system with extra thick grids is designed specially to withstand the extremely Indian summers; this ensures to give optimum power even when it’s heavily discharged.

SF Sonic is a rugged, zero-maintenance battery designed to withstand hot climatic conditions and frequent power cuts.

Manufactured at the state-of-art manufacturing plant at Taloja Factory near Mumbai, the company employs advanced hybrid alloy grids and extra thick plates for rugged performance over the years. You can buy the best tubular batteries exclusive from the top tubular battery dealer in Chennai.

SF Sonic Battery

The dual plate separation takes in vibrations and shocks. The electrolyte level position acts as fume arrestors protecting it from accidents. Each power-packed cell stores more charge; thereby, SF Sonic’s proprietary technology ensures complete safety for your home and office.

The long-lasting battery life makes it a leading battery on the market. The easy to maintain battery comes with full factory charge giving the convenience of using the battery as soon as it is purchased.


  • Thick Plate Construction
  • Quick recharge
  • Electrolyte Level Indicator
  • Easy and Convenient use
  • Low Maintenance
  • Superior rechargeability


Inverter Application
UPS Application
Office Automation Equipment
Process Instrumentation Control
Telecommunication System
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