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Useful car battery tips from dealers in Chennai

The battery is an important component of a vehicle. Of course, fuel is important for your car to run but it also needs a battery in top-notch condition for proper functioning. The battery of a car assists in starting the vehicle and ensures to offer all the convenient features including comfortable cooling, charging of your phone, etc. You should ensure to check your car’s battery regularly with timely servicing so that it performs well and keeps your vehicle functioning smoothly.

Usually, car batteries will contain lead, sulfuric acid, lead dioxide and water. The solution contains 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water and is called electrolyte. This comes in contact with metal plates that are placed inside the battery and produces electricity. The lead-acid batteries are designed to deliver energy in quick bursts to help start the engine. The modern-day cars are more efficient than the older vehicles and need smaller batteries to power them.

It is important to know about your car’s battery to make sure it lasts long and doesn’t leave you stranded in the middle of the road. And, here you will get to know more about your vehicle batteries.

Tips from Chennai automobile experts for proper maintenance

Proper maintenance of the car battery is important and experts at an authorized Amaron dealer in Chennai will provide the necessary tips. Do keep in mind that the proper maintenance of your car battery will result in increased performance and life. Below are a few maintenance tips you need to follow.

  • Clean the dust on regular intervals as it causes corrosion
  • Use baking soda solution to remove corrosion
  • Inspect the battery periodically for damage
  • Keep cables and terminals tight

Besides these tips, it is important to lubricate the cables using petroleum jelly from time to time. Also, you can switch off the music system, lights, air-conditioner, etc. when the vehicle is in idle condition. You can also check the level of fluids in the battery to make sure it is at the recommended level. When you maintain the battery properly from time to time, you can take proper caution when there is a mishap.

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Auto experts in Chennai will help you know if your car battery is failing

There are a few indications pointing out that the vehicle’s battery is getting old and needs a replacement. Some of these signs are inappropriate functioning of several electrical devices in the car, ignition or starting trouble, dimmed headlights in the idle condition and improper cooling in the cabin. When you approach an authorized amaron dealer in Chennai, the professionals there will tell you the causes of a weak battery. These include massive use of the power for music systems, air-conditioning and lighting in the idle condition, rash driving and low charge as well as acid stratification. In rare cases, there will be manufacturing/factory defects too.

Notably, excessive heat will also cause damage to the battery of your vehicle. The excessive heat will evaporate the water content of the electrolyte resulting in oxidization and weakening of the battery’s positive grip. This will, in turn, reduce the battery’s performance and life as well.

When there is a failure in the battery performance, it is important to replace it. The common symptoms that are to be noted include clicking noise from the vehicle while turning on the ignition, sluggish turn over or failure to start. In that case, you should consult an expert to replace or recycle your car’s battery.

Occasional usage of your car in Chennai will cause battery issues

If you drive your car occasionally like one or twice a week, then it can result in battery issues. Also, the driving habits such as excessive stopping, engine shut off, excessive idling, driving with music system, AC, window defogger, etc. turned on at the same time will also result in a battery failure. As per automobile experts in Chennai, low charge and acid stratification is a common cause that results in the failure of the car battery. This is an issue with the large luxury cars that are usually power-hungry.

In some countries, owners with new cars also complain that there is battery failure. The reason is that they will have to drive in congested cities for a long time. This driving habit and road condition will result in half-charged batteries and sulfation.

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