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UPS Manufacturer’s View on Battery Life

Testing the UPS battery by inverter dealers

People make use of UPS in their house for meting out their power requirements during a power failure. Uninterrupted power supply device is powered by the use of lead-acid batteries. It is essential that you maintain your battery so that you can extend its lifetime. People are generally confused about how often they must replace their UPS batteries. Usually, you can replace your battery within 3-4 years. But the replacement is purely based on the usage and the load you might have offered to the battery in the case of power failure. There are several battery outlets in Chennai where you can purchase excellent, high-quality UPS batteries. The experts of Nanotech offer some useful tips on testing your UPS battery and knowing when to replace it.

Factors Affecting Battery Life

The lifetime of UPS batteries varies based on various situations. The lifetime of a battery usually depends on the load that you offer during a power failure. When your batteries are fully drained, then there are chances that your battery gets damaged. When your battery switches off during an extended period of power failure, then your battery must be replaced. When your battery has not drained completely, then you can make use of it for nearly four to five years.

Testing UPS Batteries

It is essential that you request technicians from the battery outlets in Chennai to test the condition of your UPS battery. They will let you know if you have to replace the battery or continue to use it with the same battery. You have to devise a maintenance plan for your UPS so that you can maintain them adequately. A properly maintained UPS battery offers the best performance, and it lasts for several years. Ensure that your maintenance plan is proactive and straightforward.

The technician will give you a clear picture of the current fitness of your UPS battery. So it is recommended that you call them regularly to test your UPS battery. Some batteries require zero maintenance. But you must maintain them regularly for an increased lifetime.

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Inspecting an APC UPS Battery

An expert from your nearest UPS dealer in and around Chennai can help you check your UPS batteries. They would help you to identify any potential problems and sort out the issue at the earliest. You must call the technicians for regular inspection of your UPS batteries. Experts or technician who inspects your battery can let you know if your battery is swollen. This is due to an overcharged battery, and this can reduce the lifetime of your battery. It is essential that you remove a swollen battery immediately. They will also let you know if the lead corrodes inside the battery. You would be suggested to clean the battery or to replace it with a new one.

Tips Offered By UPS Dealers  To Prolong The Lifetime Of Batteries

The following tips would help to extend your lifetime of UPS batteries.

  • See that you store your batteries in a cool and dry place. The temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. Increase in temperature can affect its lifetime. Proper air circulation should be provided to your battery. Do not expose them to dust and moisture. Do not place them outdoors or near windows.
  • You can buy a spare battery, but make sure that store them in the right place. It is not recommended to store a replacement battery for more than a year.
  • It is essential that you maintain your battery regularly based on a schedule.
  • You can call a technician or a battery expert for inspecting your battery and testing it so that you can know the current issues.
  • Calibrating your batteries once a year is a good practice, and it might extend the lifetime of your batteries.
  • Check the water levels regularly and fill it with distilled water.
  • Make use of energy saving devices in your houses. Do not overload the battery during a power failure. When you overload your battery, it might get drained, and this might affect the performance of your battery.
  • Follow a consistent and straightforward maintenance plan for maintaining your batteries.
  • The lifetime of your battery mostly depends on the discharge cycle.

The above are the things you must know about extending the lifetime of your UPS battery.

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