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Comprehensive Information On Voltage Transformers

Transformer converts a particular alternating current to a different voltage through electromagnetic induction process without any frequency change. Step up transformers convert low voltage to high voltage, step down transformer does exactly the opposite. The energy is conserved in the process using a magnetic core. As the days go the dependency on electrical and electronic devices are on the rise. For functioning of these devices a regular electrical supply is needs. For this a regular power supply is needed and this can be achieved through two types of electrical instruments called the high and the low voltage transformers. They are driven by specific features. Voltage transformers can be bought from leading CVT Suppliers in Chennai.

High voltage transformer
True to its name the transformer tackle high power and is used to transmit power in specific regions that need high voltage for the sake of safety. This type of transformer can store electricity energy starting from 500 upto 5,000 volts. This kind of current is required by voltage circuit security, metering, technical applications and industrialized applications. Its role is to accelerate normal voltage into high voltage. The power alterations facilitated by the device include CRT displays, amplifiers and more.

Low voltage transformer
These are also called magnetic low voltage transformers. It is used to supply low current and the devices are completely safe for the user. The risk of an electric shock is reduced drastically as the household equipment are protected from short circuits. The electric energy is transferred through magnetic coupling from one circuit to another. The voltage supply ranges from 12 to 24 volts.

Preference Of Voltage Transformer Against Constant Voltage Transformer

These transformers are preferred for a host of reasons and the benefits include; providing alternating electrical energy for industrial applications, low cost and reliability. When it is time to invest in a voltage transformer consider the following:

  • The voltage rating has to be checked on the appliance.
  • If the rating is between 100V to 240V there is no need for a current device but it is between 110V to 120V then get a Step down current transformer. It is important to know if the appliance needs a transformer or not.
  • To determine which transformer is right for your device you need to understand the wattage rating mentioned in the appliance. Opt for a transformer that is rated 25% more than the appliance wattage.
  • After selecting the device ensure there is a plug adapter.
  • Always buy from a reputed manufacturer to prevent malfunction of the appliance

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Some basic information about voltage transformer

  1. Transformers do not increase power as it is a passive component. In other words it produces power similar to an active device. In a transformer you can see both low current and high voltage both transporting similar amount of energy.
  2. In a utility pole the voltage is used to lower the voltage in between the primary and secondary lines. On the pole transformer drum is placed with a standard estimate of 7,200 volts in a 220-240 volts moving into your homes through the three wire path. The wires travel across electric meter to record the electricity consumption for each house.
  3. Not all transformers are robust, particularly those found in mobile chargers, iPods etc. The purpose of a transformer is to charge the batteries of the device by transforming electricity flow from an outlet to a lower voltage. You can find them in lesser traditional formats as well like electric toothbrushes.
  4. Transformers help in protecting an appliance from being victim to spikes. Most countries across the globe use 220/240V while North America uses 110/125V. While planning an international tour, find out what type of volt is used and whether you need a converter or transformer to convert to the specific volt. Usually devices like hair dryer, straightener are in the range of 100-120V and may require a transformer. Using such products without a transformer can only result in overheating and damage to the device.
  5. Unlike CVT, transformer does make noise as there are electrical and winding vibrations that happen in the device. The noise can be stop with mounting as the vibration damages the wire insulation. It can also affect the performance of the transformer. This occurs in all magnetic materials and is called magnetostriction.
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