As technology zooms ahead, the growth in usage of EV ( electric vehicles) is also on the rise. Electric cars are the most preferred choices as their long-range capacities are incomparable. Chennai, being one of the busiest metropolitan cities that walks hand in hand with technological innovations, the demand for electric vehicles and fast charging stations are at the peak.

Nantech is one of the leading Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution Providers in Chennai and India. We commit ourselves to produce reliable and sustainable charging networks for every EV owner out there. Come home to premium commercial, public and residential comprehensive EV charging solutions with extra stress on quality and perfection!

Our charging stations stay true to the CSS, GB/T, CHAdeMo, and Bharat Standards.


The Services Offered By Our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Chennai

AC and DC charging services for both public and private usage.

EV charging solutions

Charging solutions for electric cars, motorcycles.

Charging solutions at malls, cafes, game courts, restaurants - offices, shops, private hangout spots, gyms, & institutes.

EV Charging Station Installation Options In Chennai


Home/ Office EV Charging

  • Power Range: 2W, 3W, 4W
  • AC Mini 3.3 kW, 3 x 3 Wall Mount, AC001
  • Suitable For Long, Slow Charging Points


Mid-Sized Charging

  • Power Range: 3W, 4 W
  • CCS/AC Type 2, GB/T Bharat DC001
  • Suitable For Highway Points, Pitstops, Restaurants.


Full-Sized Charging

  • Power-Range: 4W, Buses
  • 20 to 50 kW CCS/ CHAdeMO, Bharat DC001
  • Suitable For City charging points, Highways

All Your EV Charging Needs In Chennai Under One Roof!

At Nantech, all your EV Charging requirements are solved in a whizz! All the EB payments and audits are taken care of along with the monthly stipends for all the charging stations.

  • Smart Charging facilities
  • Diverse Charging provisions/ standards
  • Last-mile Charging facilities
  • Manifold EV categories/ manufacturers
  • Diverse user-profiles- commercial, home, public, office, etc.

Integrated EV Charging Solutions In Chennai

Nantech offers you a wide range of EV charging stations for both public and private usage in Chennai. It includes CCS/ CHAdeMo, and Bharat DC charger along with Cloud integrated CMS.

Smarter Solutions With Nantech

Smart decisions need even more smarter solutions. Go for technologically advanced electric vehicles and choose Nantech as your specialist!


The One-Stop Answer To Electric Vehicle Charging Needs Of Chennai

Get all your charging needs answered right here in the heart of Chennai!