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Inverters Explained by Exide Battery Dealers in Chennai

Invest in Inverters for your homes suggests Exide Dealers in Chennai

The demand for electricity is increasing with every passing day, and the difference between supply and demand is huge. In summer, the shortage of electricity increases as the power cuts and fluctuation in power supply increases in both rural and urban areas. The sudden failure of the primary source of the power supply has increased the popularity of high-end inverter batteries. To stable the deficit of current supply in industries as well as to domestic sectors, the Exide dealers in chennai have dedicated their services.

Most reliable Exide Battery Dealers in Chennai

You never know when there will be a power cut and the interruption causes disturbances in day-to-day activities. Inverter not only provides backup power at times of emergencies but also continues to supply power continually throughout. You can get in contact with reliable Exide battery dealers in Chennai to enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your workplace or house. Exide inverter battery dealers  provide two different types of high-end inverter batteries-
· Flat plate inverter battery: these are positive flat plates made by fixing molten lead oxide on a mesh frame. The standard flat cells require periodic water topping as the loss of water is more. The flat plate battery is generally used for small appliances and comes at an affordable price.
· Tubular inverter battery: the increased certain plate surface area of the tubular inverter batteries enables them to provide power backup power of 15-20% more than the flat plate battery. The excellent electricity supplying capacity of the tubular cells enhances the durability of the inverter. The battery is designed in such a way that it protects the active material in the gauntlets and helps it work efficiently even at high temperatures and large appliances. Tubular inverter batteries are classified into four categories-
1. Exide Invatubular- the arrival of Exide Invatubular batteries in the market has confused the buyers in the process of choosing the right inverter battery. It has become difficult to select the ideal battery that fits your needs. This battery is capable of supporting high voltage current. The potential constant charging limit of in a tubular is 30Amps with a battery life of 1000-1200cycles @ 80% DOD.
2. Exide Invago- at present Exide Invago battery is available in ranges of 100-200 ah. The battery looks very different from other traditional inverter batteries and eliminates the need for an inverter trolley as it is designed with caster wheels at the bottom to help it move from one place to another. The tray is designed to maintain periodic water topping.
3. Exide Invaplus tubular- it is the best alternative to the Exide Invago battery. The battery capacity ranges from 100-150Ah. It is suitable for an extended duration current outage and provides power backup for 2:30 to 3:30 hours. The battery life of an Invalid tubular battery ranges from 650-800 cycles @ 80% DOD.
4. Exide Invamaster- the features and design of Inva Master, is not much different from Invatubular batteries. The battery as mentioned earlier is inexpensive and is comparatively less costly than Exide Invatubular. The battery capacity of Invamaster battery is 850-1000 cycles @ 80% DOD.

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Illuminated building with power backup provided by UPS dealersContact the widespread outlets of Exide dealers in Chennai to avoid unusual power cuts

When it comes to comfort in the summer days of Chennai, you cannot compromise with inverters. Inverters have become a necessity for most of the people at present times to avoid disturbances caused by the sudden interruption in the power supply. To get the ideal inverter battery for your personal or office use in Chennai, you can get in contact with the most reliable Exide dealers in Chennai and choose one. To avoid the unexpected power loss, an inverter is a great solution. The Exide batteries are designed to function well for long hours and to stable high current fluctuations. The distinctive and unique features of these batteries make them work efficiently.

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Exide manufacture wide ranges of car batteries that are ideal for your cars, MUVs, or SUVs. Check out the various car batteries from the battery dealers in Chennai that are affordable and are durable. Exide offers different models and brands with brilliant features that can fit your requirement. The life of your car is its battery, so you should choose the best among the many to improve the quality of life of the vehicle. The fantastic features of these batteries keep your vehicle unaffected from the rough roads, sudden curves and sharp bends.

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