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Does Inverter Batteries Need Extended Warranty

Ask any salesman of any company for any product, and they will offer singular advice. It is always better to have a spare of something and when that is not feasible than a policy that covers their repair or replacement. For example, a car sales associate would recommend buying a spare tire especially if you are going to travel. Similarly, Nantech emphasises the importance of warranty. For any home appliance, a warranty is crucial. And in the case of batteries and inverters, it becomes a critical feature. In this short guide, the focus is on the secret power of warranties to customers and consumers.

Probability Of  Damaged Inverter Battery Chennai

Inverter Battery dealers promises guarantee on products manufacturedAs the battery dealer for most residents in Chennai, the most common question we are asked while making a sale is will the inverter be damaged. The succinct answer is yes. An inverter battery is very prone to damages. They can occur quickly and frequently. Most flat plate batteries have a lifespan of three years, and a tubular battery can live for a maximum of five years. The chances of a UPS battery facing wear and tear within this lifespan are very high.

Most people assume that because a fridge, a TV, an AC lasts for so long and without any issues, a battery would be the same. But it is not so, and one can virtually drown in the number of problems that can arise in an inverter. This is where the importance of warranty rises. It is the very nature of an inverter to have problems; a warranty to cover these problems will save you from trouble and extraneous costs.

  • What about repairing the battery?
  1. The usual answer we get from consumers when making a battery sale is that we will get the inverter fixed.
  2. As experts in the field, Nantech cannot stress enough the difficulty of repairing batteries.
  3. A UPS inverter is made of electrodes and electrolytes that are very hard to fix. Even the most straightforward task of disassembling the battery is prone to the danger of exploding.
  4. Essentially a UPS battery is a hazmat product.
  5. There are a few places in Chennai that can repair an inverter but the cost involved is generally too high.
  6. We would recommend buying a new battery rather than investing money in restoring an old inverter.

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Inverter Battery Dealers In Chennai Offering Warranties

Besides minor repairs like leakage, water topping, or replacement of corroded socket plugs, every other problem will have a high price associated with it.  Therefore, the end line is to invest in a battery that has a good warranty.

How to know which battery has a good warranty?

  1. If you come across two batteries from different brands with the same capacity and same specification but with a different price tag, then the answer is a warranty
  2. An inverter that has no warranty or replacement will always cost less than one that does. Even within the same brand, two batteries that are the same in every aspect but the value will have a difference in warranty.
  3. The extra cost you pay is not meant to offset the value of spare parts but rather to act as a premium for an extended lifetime.

Warranty Vs. Replacement

Most inverter battery dealers & manufacturers in Chennai offer either a warranty or a replacement warranty with their inverters. Since most of our customers are generally confused between the two, we explain the difference below.

  • A replacement warranty can also be called a guarantee. It promises not only to take care of any repairs but also to replace the damaged battery with another one for free.
  • A simple warranty only takes care of repairs.
  • Both kinds are applicable for a set time limit. For example, a warranty of 5 years lasts for just those many years.

Opt for Warranty from Inverter Manufacturers

Big brand manufacturers of batteries like Exide, Su-Kam, and Amaron offer warranties with their products. As the preferred dealers of inverters batteries in Chennai, we suggest making sure which type of warranty is offered. Not all brands offer replacement warranties and those who do, tend to keep the right to determine if the battery needs replacing or not.

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