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Do You Know These Facts About Isolation Transformers?

Transformers are basically electrical devices which are used to transform AC voltage from one level to another. The working principle of transformers is electromagnetic induction. These facts about transformers might be known to all. But how much do you know about isolation transformers? How is an isolation transformer different from normal transformers? What are the benefits of isolation transformers? Popular dealers of isolation transformers in Chennai share useful information about isolation transformers. Read on and get enlightened!

Every transformer consists of a primary and secondary winding which may be same or different in number depending on the purpose of the transformer. In a step-down transformer, the primary winding is more than the secondary winding, and vice versa is the case in step-up transformers. Unlike normal transformers, isolation transformers have an isolation between the primary and secondary windings. This isolation is galvanic in nature, and the primary purpose of it is to provide better safety to the connected appliances and people working with them. Isolation transformers can be designed as step up or step down transformers to convert voltage levels. However, they can also be designed solely for the purpose of isolation with a ratio of 1:1 between primary and secondary windings.

Advantages Of Using An Isolation Transformer

The following are the most important benefits that you can enjoy by using an isolation transformer.

Enhanced safety
In normal transformers, as the windings are not isolated from each other, any fault in the device may lead to the damage of the appliances or machinery connected to the transformer output. The chance for electrical shocks to people is also very high. Isolation transformers overcome these limitations of normal transformers.

As already mentioned, better safety is achieved by providing an insulation barrier between the primary and secondary windings. This barrier separates the powered devices from the electric power source. Hence a direct current flow is blocked between the sections while allowing energy flow by the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is a commonly known fact that transformers allow only AC components to pass through them and blocks DC.

These properties of isolation transformers make them useful for protecting medical equipment, costly appliances, etc. and also provide better safety to the users.

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Reduced power surges
Power surges are common factors which affect the smooth operation of electrical devices. Isolation transformers help in reducing power surges thereby ensuring optimum performance of the devices.

Reduced noise
Isolation transformers make use of Faraday shields to filter out the electric fields which disturb the flow of power. Hence isolation transformers provide an output current which contains comparatively very less electromagnetic noise or disturbances. Reduce noise ensures a reliable operation of the microprocessor based electronic devices connected to isolation transformers.

Good quality power
The Faraday shields in isolation transformers also reduce the chances for current leakage and hence delivers an output power which is better in quality. This feature of isolation transformers helps in the efficient working of the devices connected to them.

The numerous benefits of isolation transformers make them ideal for use in a number of applications. The following are the areas where isolation transformers are widely used.

  • Pulse circuits – Small sized isolation transformers are used to provide isolation in pulse circuits.
    Telephone lines – Telephone lines require amplifier at regular intervals. The DC filtering property of isolation transformers are used to control the amplifiers.
  • Medical equipment – Medical equipment often involves intricate circuitry which requires high-quality power and reduced noise for reliable operation. They must also ensure a high level of safety; any faulty condition must not disturb the power supply. Instead, it must give a warning. Hence isolation transformers are widely used to power electrical devices used in the medical field.
  • Elevated potential devices – Isolation transformers are ideal for supplying power to devices which are not at ground potential. Thus they can be operated efficiently and safely.
  • Testing and servicing – Testing and servicing of live circuitry are risky due to the chance of electrical shocks. Isolation transformers eliminate a conductive connection between transformer output and the ground thereby greatly reducing the chance for electrical shocks. A live circuitry may involve dangerous levels of voltage; dealing with such circuits without isolation transformers is really threatening for those who are testing or serving them.
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