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Luminous Inverter-Problems And Solutions

Inverters are an integral part of all homes and commercial plots today. Inverters provide electric power supply to certain important devices at times of shutdowns and failures in the electrical connections. Luminous inverters provide people with various inverters of different brands, sizes, and capacities. They are also considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of inverters in Chennai. But these inverters are also prone to faults and damages like any other electric appliance. There are some problems that can be resolved easily without the guidance of technical professionals while some definitely need support and assistance from the service providers from different manufacturing agencies. Discussed below are a few problems that are encountered in inverters along with their solutions.

Luminous Inverter Dealers Lists the Possible problems encountered

Inverter battery labelled for repair by inverter dealersThe most common problem encountered in all inverters is that the inverters fail to operate suddenly. These problems are usually caused due to tripped inverters, improper or disconnected batteries, loose up of the battery terminals, batteries running out of power, and those which turn weak gradually and improper connections. If the power switches are found defective, contact the service providers for help and repair. If the batteries are damaged, replace them. When the inverters get tripped press the inverter reset button available in your device to readjust the inverters. If the batteries are dead or if they become weak it is greatly advisable to switch off the batteries for a short period of time. If the batteries become old replace them with new ones to enhance increased power supplies. If the terminals of the batteries are found loose check for any corrosion clean them regularly and then tighten their connections.

  • The next common difficulty encountered with the inverters is that the batteries fail to get charged. The batteries may become dead and old as time passes by, and hence in these circumstances replace them with new ones. Burnt rectifiers, improper and loose connections, and melted fuses can also bring about these faults in an inverter. In these cases, seek assistance from technical professionals look for corrosion in terminals, and clean them up regularly.
  • Brief hours of backup can also bring about problems in the working of an inverter. Charge the batteries frequently and properly. If the batteries lose their electrolytes, the backup time gets shortened. When there are high consumptions of power during power cuts, try and reduce the extra load to facilitate prolonged hours of backup. Recharge the batteries of the inverters with distilled water periodically. Also, the water level of the batteries must be maintained between the maximum and the minimum levels for better performance.

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Simple and Easy Troubleshooting Steps from Inverter Manufacturers

  • The alarms in inverters may beep continuously sometimes. This is usually due to overloading of the inverters or can also be because of a cooling fan that is stuck and limited in movement. In the case of overloads, remove all extra loads. If the inverters continue to beep endlessly even after the removal of the extra load contact the service providers for help and support. All inverters are equipped with cooling fans that operate along with the entire unit. These fans maintain a steady temperature inside the system. The failure in the working of these fans builds up a high temperature inside the system which leads to a sudden shut down of the inverters or at times the inverters produce an audible alarm symbolizing that it needs to be shut down immediately. Alarms are also given by the inverters when the fans fail to rotate and cool the environment inside the system of the inverters.
  • The LCDs displaying the input voltages and the output readings may fail and thus they tend to display wrong codes. In these cases, the circuits of the inverter could have failed internally and thus technical guidance is usually prescribed to overcome these situations. Also when issues arise externally, check for the condition of batteries, their connections, terminals, battery load, etc.
  • Sometimes, inverters produce noises and unwanted sounds which are displeasing to the human ears. But it is necessary to note that all inverters usually produce the sounds of winds at times when they run, but the extra noises that are produced indicate that the fans of your inverter need cleaning, and if conditions become worse, the entire fan console of the inverters will have to be replaced. Contact the inverter dealer in Chennai to resolve the problem.
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