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Safety tips suggested by Amaron battery dealers in Chennai

Batteries have a wide range of applications in the current technologically advanced era where we use a lot of appliances than ever before. One common appliance that we see in many homes is an inverter. As we depend on electricity for almost all tasks, a power cut is quite exasperating and an inverter comes into play in such situations. A battery is the backbone of an inverter, which supplies power even during a power outage. Eventually, the battery has to be maintained properly and safely to last for long.

If you do not maintain the battery of your inverter properly, it might lead to excessive spark or vibration that will result in explosion, crushing, and damage to the entire inverter. Whenever you buy a good quality battery such as an Amazon inverter battery, you will get better battery life and there will be minimal chances of a mishap. If you are using a lead-acid inverter battery, you should consult the Amaron battery dealers in Chennai for safety tips.

Battery storage tips from dealers in Chennai

It is common to have spare inverter batteries for emergency requirements. In such cases, there are some safety tips to be followed to make sure there is no blast or ignition. Firstly, the best Amaron battery dealers in Chennai will suggest that you should place the batteries in a well-ventilated place and avoid excessive heat. When placed in a well-ventilated area, the toxic gases will not be trapped instead and this will prevent sparks and overheating. Also, you should avoid activities such as smoking or exposure to fire near the battery as even the slightest mistake can cause major harm.

When placed at home, it is important to keep the inverter battery out of reach of children. The battery compartment should be locked in order to prevent children from reaching it as it can be harmful causing harm to everyone in the building. And, the place where the battery is stored should be neat and clean as dust that enters inside will damage the battery and affect its performance.

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Chennai experts detail general safety tips while using inverter batteries

The climate in Chennai soars to very high temperatures and when the battery is exposed to such extreme temperatures, it will be strained. Usually, high temperatures will make the battery age faster. Likewise, cold temperatures will have an effect on the battery capacity. It is for this reason that the inverter battery should not be exposed to high or low temperatures. Besides this, there is some general safety battery operating tips as detailed below.

  • Never use a local battery with a UPS
  • Do not operate inverters with damaged cables
  • Do not mix batteries of various ratings
  • Do not store inverter batteries in closed space

Usually, inverter batteries will be very effective up to a specific amount of recharge recycles with each cycle ranging from full charge to full discharge. The lithium-ion batteries will lose strength and capacity if it is used extensively for a longer time period. If the battery takes a long time to get discharged or charged, then it means that it has aged. And, it is important to replace it. Usually, experts suggest that the inverter batteries have to be replaced once in six months or a year based on your usage.

While replacing, it is recommended to recycle the old batteries instead of dumping them away. When you throw the battery in the trash, it can pose a serious hazard due to short-circuit. Besides this, it is good to recycle old batteries and an environment-friendly approach as well. But make sure to follow specific safety guidelines before recycling your old inverter batteries.

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