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Servo Stabilizer Dealers on Voltage Problems

In today’s digital world power is the essential source to run sophisticated gadgets. These electric powered machines have become part of our day to day routine and living without them can be next to impossible. Inorder to ensure the smooth running of these hi-tech machines uninterrupted power is required. Sensitive electrical gadgets can confront downtime due to voltage fluctuation.

Common Problems and Solutions from Servo Stabilizer dealers in Chennai

Some of the issues that arise includeCommon household electrical appliances that need servo voltage stabilizers

  • Voltage Sags: It is a slight decrease in the main supply that can last for several cycles. Voltage lowers than 80% of the RMS voltage for two or more cycles can be also termed as voltage sags. The reason for voltage sags include running of heavy equipment, running large electrical motor and switching off main supply. The best solution lies in AC Voltage stabilizers, uninterruptible power supply and power line conditioner.
  • Brownouts: It is long term sag from the main supply and can go on for several days. To be precise it can be defined as steady RMS voltage specific percentage. The typical symptom are the possibility of the equipment to reset even after a shutdown. The causes for the brownouts include heavy equipment drawing power, running a large electrical equipment, switching out the main supply or even a low voltage output. The solution for this problem includes using a voltage stabilizer, uninterrupted power supply and power line conditioner.
  • Power surges and high voltage: These occur on a shorter duration when there is an increase in the main supply and it lasts for several cycles. It can be defined as a voltage over 110% of the specified voltage or more. Some of the symptoms include permanent failure of the electrical equipment during a power surge. The voltage causes wear and tear resulting in degradation. In most cases, it is unnoticeable until equipment failure happens. The primary symptom includes unusual heat output. Some of the common causes include the use of heavy equipment. The solution for the problem lies in installing a voltage stabilizer, UPS or Power line conditioner.
  • High voltage spikes: These are high energy spikes in the voltage that can last for milliseconds. It can be defined as a rapid voltage peak up to 6,000 volts within the duration of 100 msec to half a cycle. The symptoms include equipment hang, crash or even damage that can cause data corruption or loss. The causes for this condition are using heavy inductive loads, atmospheric electrical disturbances like static discharge or lightning strikes and arching faults. The solution lies in power line conditioner, voltage stabilizer, UPS and isolation transformer.
  • Electrical noise: It is a high frequency noise in normal or common mode. It can be defined as the electrical noise in high frequency resulting from the incoming main supply. The symptoms are processing errors, charred circuit board, computer lockup, subversion of electrical protection and damage to the equipment. It can be caused due to electric motors, motor control devices, relays, microwave radiation and broadcast transmission. The solutions are power line conditioner, isolation transformer and Online UPS.
  • Blackouts: It happens when the main supply fails completely and is called total main failure. It can be defined as the lack of incoming power supply. The symptom includes disruption in the operation of the equipment. The break occurs only for several milliseconds and is sufficient to cause a crash or set or lock the PC, server, console, terminal, router, hub, printer and modem. The situation can be caused due to lightning, storms, failure of utility equipment, and wind. It occurs in power loss or mechanical failure. The solution includes UPS and diesel generators.

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Effects of Voltage Variation on Electrical Equipment

  • In a computer, an 8% drop can cause downtime or errors on your computer
  • In the case of lighting, a 10% drop can cause low lumen output.
  • In radio or Television, the drop can cause low-quality transmission and coverage
  • In a photographic processing unit, a 5% drop will cause an exposure time of 30% with reduced color printing.
  • In X-ray equipment, a 1% modification in filament voltage can produce an 8% anode current change.
  • In Induction heating, the output is reduced by over 20% for a drop of 10%
  • In the transformer, a 10% drop will lower the transformer rating by 90%

Protect Your Equipment with Servo Voltage Stabilizers

With the information on the possible power problems and their effect on our precious equipment, make the wise decision to protect your home with Servo Voltage Stabilizers. Contact your nearest servo stabilizer dealer in Chennai to learn about the various types of voltage stabilizers and the correct one that will suit your needs.

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