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As much as there is rousing reception for Electric Vehicles, there seems to be this inevitable bottleneck that comes with any new introduction that is made in the consumer market. It’s the how’s, where’s and why’s.


The ardent buyers and investors have a barrage of questions and doubts that they want clarifications for. Amongst the many factors, the question of availability of charging stations takes precedence over everything else.


However, this is all set to change and electric vehicle charging solutions in Chennai will be all the more available. The change comes with the government proposing to set up EV charging stations every four kilometers all over the country. More encouragement has come in the form of subsidies and offers for EV owners.

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the electric vehicle and their clarifications.

Is it possible to charge the electric vehicle at home?

Why, yes of course! There is no hassle to charge the EV at home. It actually is the most sensible option. Most EVs are equipped with a Level 1 home connector kit, which is essentially an extension cord that connects a standard three-prong wall outlet and the EV. Another option for charging at home is the Rapid Home Charger. Once installed, it can be used for multiple charges per day.

How Pragmatic is it to buy the ev without a proper public charging station infrastructure

With the government proposing to set up more than 2000 EV charging stations through state-run companies, it should be easier than we can imagine. Besides, to augment customer satisfaction, the automobile companies are also equipping dealers with EV charging stations. Customers can just drive their vehicles into the designated spot at the dealer’s shop and charge their bikes or cars.

Most public charging stations will be equipped with Level 2 chargers. That translates to charging a car in under 4 hours with 220Volts of electricity. Electric vehicle charging stations will be offering Direct Current that will aid quicker charging time. Hence, there is no question of not buying an EV citing lack of charging station infrastructure.

What are the other options for charging the ev

Currently, the best option for charging the EV is solar power. A solar installation with just 10 or 12 solar panels is enough to power an electric car or bike. As an environment -friendly option, solar power is also cost-efficient. Whilst the public charging stations are yet to catch up with the trend, installing the solar power panels in residential spaces should not pose any challenges.

What are the electric vehicle charging solutions in chennai?

Chennai already has its own share of EVs playing its roads. As EVs continue to slowly, but steadily gain market share, the city is set to witness demand inefficient EV charging solutions. Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd is all armed and ready to provide top-of-the-range EV charging solutions in Chennai. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Nantech’s team of experts and professionals have work experience that goes beyond two decades. Investors looking for electric vehicle charging solutions in Chennai, need a company like Nantech to help and guide them in making well-informed decisions.


Let us first see what home charging stations have to offer.
  • In Chennai, the cost of electricity in a residential place is far cheaper than what it costs at a commercial outlet.
  • Home charging provides the convenience of charging the EV overnight or at whatever time seems suitable for it.
  • Charging stations at residential complexes increases the chances of retaining tenants.
  • Home charging is an attractive feature that boosts property value.
EV charging - Car connected with EV charging in the roadside

The Advantages Of Public Charging Stations

  • Long road trips on the EV are possible only with public charging stations.
  • Commercial and office buildings will want to have their own charging stations for the benefit and convenience of their employees and tenants.
  • The installation of a charging station is a commercial building is a unique way to put the business on the map and generate word-of-mouth advertising.
  • It is an extremely environment-friendly option that comes with offers from the government. So why not make use of it?
       Analyzing the above points, both are great choices!
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