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Exide Inverter Dealer Talk About Batteries

The one thing none of us can do without in the day and age of technology is electricity. We rely on electronic gadgets to do everything starting from ironing our clothes to cooking our food. Begin disconnected from power, even for few minutes, is harrowing. But the sad news for developing nations like India is that power cuts are usual. Our homes and personal offices face power shortages on a very regular basis. The only way to overcome this hindrance and get rid of the frustrations that arise with no electricity is to buy an inverter from a reliable Exide Inverter battery dealers in Chennai.
In cities like Chennai and Hyderabad, where the power cuts are not too long an inverter can offer considerable power that can provide current to all our devices. Inverter manufacturers say that batteries are the authentic and reliable source of energy any consumer needs. They are cost effective and give power for long runs. To all people who already own an inverter system, manufacturers offer advice that is undeniable and priceless.

Maintenance Tips from Exide Inverter Battery Dealer

Battery dealers in Chennai say that most good inverter requires minimal upkeep, but this doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. Some little maintenance done on the battery can make it last for a long time and give excellent performance. Here are some tips to guarantee that your battery works on ideal power output and fulfills all the requirements of your home.

• A battery should always be placed in an area that is airy. Because an inverter provides so much power, it tends to heat up like any other machine. When a battery is in use or is being charged, the temperature of it rises. Therefore, it is advisable to store them in open spaces where there is free air flow. This will allow the heat to dissipate efficiently without collecting at one point and causing dangerous consequences.
• The area should also be away from any open flames, fires, and smoke. A safe place will ensure that the battery is not affected by it. Furthermore, flames and smoke are safety hazards, and a battery has components that can catch fire rather quickly.

Close up view of car battery from best inverter battery dealers in chennaiFurther Points On Maintaining The Inverter Battery

Most of us assume that if a gadget, machine, or device is not being used, it will remain in the best condition. This cannot be further from the truth when it comes to an inverter.

  • Keep the battery in use, regularly, if you want the charge to maintain. It is recommended to discharge the battery thoroughly once a month and then charge it fully. This action will only be needed to be taken in a home where there are not many power cuts, or the electricity shortage is for a small amount of time.
    The terminals of a battery are prone to corrosion and build-up. Thus, keeping them clean and in proper repair becomes crucial. To clean the terminals take a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Use a toothbrush to scrub it onto the terminals. Then take a cotton cloth to clean the entire thing.
  • Remember when cleaning an inverter, always unplug and disconnect it. Take any other necessary precautions before you begin cleaning. A tip is to apply petroleum jelly onto the terminals. This will keep them corrosion-free for a longer duration.

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Exide battery dealer advice on critical battery maintenance

The last few tips on maintenance that dealers recommend are explained below.

• The battery should only be topped up with distilled water. Tap water has impurities in it that can affect the charge of the battery. To check if the inverter needs a top up, check the level every sixty days. Add more when needed. A crucial point is never to let the amount of water go below the minimum level.
• It is not just the terminals that should be given a thorough cleaning every few months. The entire surface of the battery should be adequately cleaned. To do so use a soft cotton cloth and remove any dust and debris. Every impurity that remains may affect workings of the battery.
• The loading of the battery should be done correctly and in sync with its capacity. While inverters are a reliable source of power, they cannot be used to power a lot many devices that require high voltage or capacity.

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