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Structure of Tubular Battery Explained

Tubular lead-acid batteries are used for various purposes, and you can see them used in several industries. It is important that you choose the right lead acid battery based on the mission. You must also maintain the tubular lead acid battery in the best possible way so that you can increase its lifetime. Thus you must be aware of the parts of the battery and its working. Knowing the parts of the lead acid battery can help in choosing the right tubular battery for your specific requirements.

Exide Battery Dealers In Chennai Offers Lead Acid Batteries

Advantages of tubular batteries explained by inverter dealersMany Exide battery dealers in Chennai deal with tubular lead-acid batteries. Lead acid batteries are the oldest type of batteries that can be recharged. This type of battery came into use in the year 1859. It was used to provide power for various applications. It was widely used in multiple industries as it was cost-effective. The power-to-weight ratio of these batteries is relatively high, and hence it is easy to manufacture and maintain. Electricity is generated through the positive and negative plates which are submerged in an electrolyte. The reaction between the two creates energy. Lead acid batteries can be used for various applications. This is due to their unique advantages. It is a reliable and robust type of battery. It is a type of battery that has been used for more than a century. There are various sizes and ranges of lead-acid batteries. It tolerates overcharging and can produce high currents. This battery is suitable for emergency requirements.

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What are the common elements of Tubular Inverter Battery?

It is essential that the lead-acid batteries are manufactured with the right quality parts. Now we will know about the parts of a lead-acid battery. The common elements of the lead acid battery are listed below

  • An electrolyte is a significant part of a lead-acid party. It is usually a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. This component plays a vital role in power generation. When the electrolyte solution reacts with lead plates, it generates power. It is essential that you check the levels of electrolytes so that you can refill them with distilled water. There are maintenance-free electrolyte batteries that do not demand refill with distilled water.
  • Lead Plates are the significant components of the lead acid battery which helps in the flow of power inside the electrolyte. There are different construction types of lead plates. The plates are constructed to increase the surface area without occupying more space.
  • The lead-acid battery is called a tubular lead-acid battery as it is made up of fiberglass tubes. These tubes contain lead oxide and red LED powder which is sealed using a plastic fitting. These tubes along with the chemicals filled are submerged in diluted acid. A chemical reaction takes place which results in the production of lead oxide and lead sulfate. Several inverter battery dealers in Chennai make use of high-quality fiberglass tubes for the manufacture of lead-acid batteries.
  • Lead acid batteries make use of separators which are essential for separating the positive and negative lead plates. This prevents short-circuiting. Separators used in lead-acid batteries are generally resistant to oxidation. The separators should be compatible with the electrolyte solution that you make use of.

Where can we use Exide Tubular Batteries?

Some of the applications of lead-acid batteries are listed below.

  • It is used as an emergency power backup for electrical installations.
  • You can make use of lead-acid batteries for UPS for home
  • It is used in emergency lighting and also for pumping from power sumps during a power failure.
  • Large-sized lead acid batteries are used to offer power to the motors of submarines.
  • It can be used as an emergency backup for a nuclear submarine.
  • You can use them as a backup power supply for alarms and computer systems.
  • Electrical wheelchairs, electric scooters, hybrid vehicles, and motor vehicles run using the power generated using lead-acid batteries.

The above article gives an overview of the essential components of tubular lead acid batteries. This would help to improve its lifetime and use it effectively for various applications. There are many Exide inverter battery dealers in Chennai who can help you choose the right power rating for you.

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