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Different Purposes of Isolation Transformer

First it is important to understand what a transformer is before getting to know Isolation Transformer. A transformer carries-over electrical energy from a circuit to another through a inductive conductor. The conductor is made of two or more ferromagnetic coils called windings. The electrical alterations in the main winding create an isolated magnetic field inside the core. This results in fluctuation creating a field on both the side of secondary winding. The transformers can be divided into various types helping transfer electrical power. Among these the popular form is isolation transformer used for different applications and functions.

What is isolation transformer?

It is used to transfer electrical power from the AC power source to a particular device. Here the power device is separated from the power source keeping in mind the safety measures. Moreover, it can thwart capacitance that causes primary and secondary winding linkage paving way for high frequency sound. A transformer increases the energy voltage level basically from one to another with the help of induction of electrical energy moving from one winding to another. The advantage of isolation is that it separates input and output circuits from one another to ensure there is no contact.

The greatest advantage is that the isolation transformer promotes galvanic isolation that protects from electric shock, power transmission between circuits and containing electrical noise from sensitive and receptive gadgets. Isolation transformer is designed to fight interference from ground loops and reduces windings that decreases capacitive coupling. The transformer uses unconnected bobbins on the coil windings. The windings are wounded on one another keeping the insulation in the center. In all the cases they are protected by electrostatic shield in between the windings used to power the sensitive equipment like laboratory gadgets, computers and other electronic devices.

The role of a transformer is to transmit signals but transformers that are used to isolate circuits are called isolated transformers. Insulation is built between the primary and secondary windings designed to discernible high voltage of between one thousand and four thousand volt. In this transformer the focus is set on the capacitive coupling between the two windings. Despite the capacitance windings it also secures AC power from the primary to secondary winding. Isolation transformers are expensive when compared to the traditional transformers.

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Functions of Isolation transformer

  • It is used to replace isolation in various circuits. These are used in varied industries to satisfy different function without decreasing or increasing the electric current. It helps to separate primary and secondary windings in a 1:1 ratio.
  • It mitigates the risk of electrocution. The power transformers are customized to provide separation between person and resource ensuring safety. It connects the vessel to an electric power source. In this case the power line does not come in connect with the electric wings.
  • It reduces noise and other sound. It prevent any kind of noise arising due to connecting audio amplifier signal with the speaker output directly and separating the audio amplifier to the module from the amplifier.
  • It promotes DC power isolation. These are often used in telephone line that amplifies digital information at regular intervals. The transformer separates the direct current from signals taking control of the amplifier.

Purposes of Isolation transformer

There are many applications that need separation of circuits without increasing or decreasing the electrical energy. This particular type of transformer has similar windings for both primary and secondary windings. It helps in radio frequency isolation from the antenna to how much radio transmitter is required to separate the substantial components. It helps in assisting DC power isolation that happens in the telephone lines that are required to amplify the cyclical intervals that contain the digital information.

The transformer comes with two or sometimes more coils. It is also called ferromagnetic core called windings. Any change in the main winding by creating an intermittent magnetic field right in the core. This results in fluctuation as the field is created from one side to another to the secondary winding. This results in creating alternative electrical energy ikn the secondary coils.

The isolation transformers are used to prevent capacitance that increases the linking between the main and secondary causing high sound frequency. It converts one level of electricity voltage into another. The input and output circuits are separates because the coils do not come in contact.

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