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Useful Functions Performed By An Isolation Transformer

Electrical isolation is basically done for the protection of appliances and their users. Isolation also helps in the efficient operation of devices; especially the measuring devices to deliver accurate results. Electrical isolation is obtained by preventing the existence of a conducting path between the power source and the connected device. Isolation transformers are transformers which are specially designed to provide electrical isolation. Isolation transformers are a lot more advantageous compared to normal transformers – says a reputed dealer of isolation transformers in Chennai. This write-up is meant to share some useful information about isolation transformers.

In an isolation transformer, isolation is achieved by making use of a dielectric separation between the primary and secondary windings. Just like autotransformers, the working principle of isolation transformers is electromagnetic induction. But unlike regular transformers, they consist of an electrostatic shield for the prevention of capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary winds. The grounded shield helps in reducing the noises and hence enhances the performance of the devices connected to the transformer.

Due to their special design, isolation transformers are widely used for a multitude of functions. The most common ones are listed below.

Protection from electrical shocks
When an electrical equipment is operated by supplying power from an isolation transformer, its ground is unconnected from earth ground. In other words, the isolation transformer isolates the appliance from the common ground. Anyone who is using the device by standing by standing on the ground would not be able to provide a conductive path to the ground even if they touch any part of the circuit accidentally. It is the isolation property of the transformer which prevents the chance of an electrical shock thereby making the set up highly secure for users.

Noise reduction
Another important function of isolation transformers is noise reduction. Isolation transformers have special shields known as Faraday shields which help in reducing the noise from other loads.

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Accurate measurements
Due to reduced noise and quality power supplied by an isolation transformer, all the devices connected to it gives optimum performance. Measuring instruments would give accurate results thereby making them more reliable. This function of isolation transformers is mainly used in medical and laboratory instruments. Their accuracy is highly important, and isolation transformers guarantee the same.

DC blocking
Transformers in general block Direct Current (DC) components and allow only Alternating Current (AC) to pass through them. Isolation transformers are also the same, and hence they can be used for those applications where DC is to be blocked.

Voltage level conversion
The basic function of a transformer is to convert the voltage from one level to another level. The output voltage can be higher or lower than the input voltage depending on coils in the primary and secondary windings. A step up transformer which increases voltage level has a greater number of coils on the secondary winding and less on the primary. On the other hand, a step-down transformer which is used for reducing the voltage levels has a greater number of coils on the primary winding and less on the secondary.

An isolation transformer can function either as a step up or step down transformer depending on its design. It can also be designed to have a 1:1 ratio between the primary and secondary findings. In such cases, their function would be restricted mainly to isolation and the corresponding protection.

Choose Isolation Transformers And Enjoy The Difference

If you have expensive and sensitive devices, then it would not be wise to power them with transformers which do not provide isolation and noise prevention features. By operating so, they would not be able to deliver their optimum performance and chances for their damage are also very high. Any faults in the circuitry would be threatening to the users as well. Isolation transformers avoid all these.
Isolation transformers ensure optimum performance and long life of the appliances connected to them. They also provide better safety thereby making testing and servicing of your electrical devices easy and secure. Once you use isolation transformers instead of regular transformers, you would be able to enjoy the glaring difference. Make sure that you approach only reliable dealers so that you get the best transformers which provide complete value for your money.

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