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Inverter Battery Dealer Explain About Luminous Batteries

How Luminous batteries overpowered the Diesel Generators?

Frequent power outages have become a norm due to unexpected reasons all over the country. This can cause complete chaos, especially when you require power to run petrol pumps, office equipment, AC, Cold Storage, Refrigerators, Banks, other businesses, and so on. This is why inverters and backup power supply systems have become so popular in the past few decades. Even a few minutes of no power supply can be disastrous, especially in sensitive industries like the medical arena, food transportation, and so on.

According to most luminous battery dealers in Chennai, the latest generation of inverters has the ability to offer uninterrupted power supply without incurring sky-high costs. Compared to the diesel generators of the earlier days, the inverters these days can run on a partial load as well without a problem. Another disadvantage of using diesel generators is the amount of hazardous smoke it used to emit. This played a role in increasing the air pollution in those days. As a result, Diesel Generators have been barred from the capital since 2017 in an effort to make the air cleaner. Inverters do not have this issue, making it a safer bet for the environment.

Power Backup Offered By Luminous Batteries

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Many multi-storey buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial establishments in Chennai prefer inverters that have the capacity to handle large power loads. This is why luminous inverters are popular these days. Since the typical luminous inverter works on a 3-phase inverter range, it has the ability to handle power loads anywhere from 5KVA to 100KVA, making it perfect in high-power requirement situations. In fact, if you look more closely, you will notice that the shopping malls, petrol pumps, hospitals, ATMs, banks, BPOs, telecom towers, etc. around you function smoothly during power outages by having the luminous inverter as their preferred power backup supply.

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With the experience of being number one in the market for over thirty years, luminous has been able to build a good rapport with its customers as well as have an impressive list of clients. The stellar products offered by them have the ability to function without any trouble and with very little maintenance required. Most inverter supplier often skips on after-sales service. However, you need not worry about that with the battery dealers as after-sales is one of its key features.

Features Of Luminous Inverters

The three-phase inverters offered by Luminous have the ability to meet requirements with high-quality electrical energy and is completely reliable as well. This is why they are widely popular in the industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors. Some of the important features of these three-phase inverters include:

· IGBT-based Sine Wave Output & Digital Signal Processing
Most three-phase luminous inverters come with the latest DSP or Digital Signal Processing and IGBT or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor which makes the inverters more efficient and reliable. They also have smaller form favor, thereby requiring lesser space. In fact, recent studies have shown that luminous inverters have the least footprint compared to other inverters available on the market today.

· Battery Protection Options
Since the three-phase luminous inverter constantly monitors the battery status, any damage to the battery or system is immediately noticed. Another key factor in these latest inverters is the inclusion of the system switch that puts the battery in protection mode unless it is correctly connected as per Luminous battery dealers

· Intelligent Fault Sense
The intelligence protection offered by the three-phase luminous inverters ensures that there are security features in place for the Battery overvoltage, Overload, Battery Low Voltage, Output short circuit, High Voltage cut-off, and so on.

Promises Offered By Inverter Battery Dealers

The latest three-phase luminous inverter in the market promises to offer three different settings in the voltage section. Depending, on which voltage is selected, the system will proceed with cutting the mains when the voltage goes beyond what has been stipulated by the battery operator. You can use this setting to make sure that the voltage level is at tolerable levels for the different output appliances in use. According to industrial experts, this feature ensures that none of your high-capacity appliances are affected by voltage spikes.

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