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The UPS Rental Checklist

It is annoying when essential data is lost simply because of an unexpected power cut. The frustration and not to mention the potential loss of work and efforts can spoil anybody’s mood. Power cuts hamper not only digital data but may as well damage factory goods if the energy supply stopped abruptly. Thankfully, the invention of inverters helped us restart our power and avoid grim situations, but another device went another step further! The UPS that stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply, trumps the inverter by its ability to back up the power supply so rapidly that there was virtually no interruption.

The UPS is an essential device, that also serves to protect other devices from the adverse effects of power fluctuation and power cuts. It is essentially a back-up current supply in the instance of the failure of the primary power source. It is not used for heavy factory equipment and is primarily used for computers. Unless, your locality, office, or residence faces frequent power cuts, we at Nantech recommend that you rent a UPS and not buy one. Since Chennai has a booming IT industry, and many more investments in the IT sector are predicted to come their way, Chennaites should consider investing in renting a UPS.

There are some indications for renting a UPS:

Budget: If you are short on budget, renting a UPS will cut down on installation fees!

Nomadic work environment:
If you travel frequently for work or otherwise and do not want to test the power system at a new location, it is advisable to rent a UPS instead of carrying the bulky device everywhere you go.

Things to be kept in mind while renting a UPS are as follows:

Rental Clause:-
Always read the rental agreement provided by the UPS provider carefully. Consider factors like monthly rent and service policies and run a cost-benefit analysis before making a decision. Rental duration should be given a lot of thought as it will also it will also impact the number of service appointments.

Battery status:- You should receive a new battery with every UPS rental. Make sure the battery works and get it installed by a professional.

Type of UPS needed:
Depending on use, choose any of the three most common systems.

  • Stand-by UPS:-

It is best for home use, supplying light equipment like computers and such.

  • Offline UPS: -

It is best for shops and intermediate level commercial use.

  • Online UPS: -

This is the most efficient and advanced model, suitable for industry and factory-grade equipment.

Rent a UPS that will require less maintenance. The provider in standard practice, along with the UPS also provides maintenance services which can be scheduled at the convenience of the consumer. Servicing charges are nominal unless new parts need to be added or replaced.

Safety and Technical Compliance:
Any device when purchased or rented should meet standard safety guidelines, and the UPS system, irrespective of type, is not exempted from this rule. Remember to read the instruction manual, and understand that it is your right to ask for a copy of the warranty certificate of the device. Try to rent a user-friendly system that will not take much skill or knowledge to attach to other equipment.

We at Nantech provide UPS supply and comprehensive customer service, feel free to revert to us in case of any query or doubts regarding the UPS systems.

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