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Electrical systems form a crucial part of every organization that runs on electrical devices. If there is even a little problem in the system, it shuts down, and the movement of work in the organization comes to a standstill. This is where power quality audits come into the picture. They act like bulletproof jackets for the electrical system. It checks the safety and efficiency of an organization's electrical system.

How does PQA work?

It works in the following ways :

  • Checks the quality of voltage- it maintains the network's frequency, thereby ensuring that there are no high or low-frequency disturbances present in the network that may be capable of damaging components of the system.
  • Checks the continuity of power supply - it ensures that the power is constantly available in the network. All the connected devices are operating consistently without any hurdles, and that the efficiency of not a single appliance has been compromised.

Importance of PQA :

  • Provides a wholesome picture of the electrical system's state and its operational statistics at any point in time.
  • Analyzes variations in voltage, flickers, frequency variations, harmonics, etc.
  • Ensures the devices' good performance connected to the electrical system by providing enough voltage and deterring any fluctuations.
  • Develops schedules for maintenance of the power system.
  • Assessment of the sensitivity of all equipments and disturbances of any data caused to the equipment, can be prevented well in time.
  • Identify the source of the event and the frequency of events.
  • Helps by monitoring the conditions of the electrical system.
  • Helps in the evaluation of performances against various specifications.
  • Assists in predictive maintenance.
  • It identifies the exact location so that the specific source is recognized and the problem is resolved.
  • Identify the precise timing of events.
  • Gives a precise report that helps in preventive maintenance to know all the measures that need to be taken promptly in case of disturbances.
  • It improves the power quality and brings in efficacy.

Consequences of bad power quality can inflict serious losses to your company in case there is a disruption in the flow of a sinusoidal wave of power supply, which could cause significant damage to your electrical system, in turn affecting the supply to your devices. By this, not only are your devices getting damaged, but there is also a breach in the working momentum among your employees. This will further reflect the progress of your firm. A power quality audit can enable you to maintain good power quality and, in this way, discourage any hindrance that comes in the way of your company's prosperity.

To summarise, one can say that a power quality audit determines how fit your electrical system is. Moreover, it acts as a warning system and helps stave off any electrical issues, thereby protecting your power system and the appliances connected to it. Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd is one such company based in Chennai that provides you with top-notch Power quality audits.

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