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Inverter Batteries: What Should You Know Before Getting One?

Power cuts and load shedding can be quite troubling. And getting an inverter-battery setup helps a lot. But choosing an inverter battery might be a daunting task for most of us, especially if you are getting it for the first time. Don’t worry, we at Nantech decided to put this comprehensive guide and here’s everything you need to know before getting one:

How Long Do You Need A Power Backup?

Knowing how long you need the power backup to last, helps you choose the battery with the right capacity. Let’s say you face power cuts for 2 hours everyday and you need a 12V battery as a power backup for the entire time. And you want to run the following appliances:

Appliance Quantity Power Consumed
Desktop Computer 1 155W
Fan 1 75W
Tube light 2 20W
Total 155 + 75 + 2*20 = 270 watts

Required Capacity of Battery = (Hours of Power Backup) * (Power Required in Watts) / (Voltage of Battery)

Required Capacity of Battery = 2 * 270 / 12 = 45 Ah

Most batteries in the market are around 135-150 Ah and if the above case is equivalent to your real requirement, then you can even go for cheaper and lower capacity batteries!

It is essential to calculate and decide the budget as per your requirements, since the inverter and battery dealers may persuade you to buy more expensive batteries. The above example will help you with the necessary calculations and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Battery Type
Lead Acid Battery:
These are of two types:

  • Flat plate battery: recommended for areas with frequent power cuts, lasting short durations.
  • Tubular battery: it’s bigger than flat plate battery and is recommended for areas with power cuts lasting long durations but fewer in frequency.

Gel Battery:

  • Recommended for offices and homes where power backup lasting several hours is necessary.
  • Zero reduction in performance, even after years of usage.
  • No water top-up and maintenance required.
  • Easy installation.
  • Eco-friendly battery with minimal toxic emissions.
  • No chance of acid spillage!

Weight of the Battery

The weight of the battery is something you might overlook and not take into consideration first but it tends to be an important factor for those who are frequently on the move! Batteries have different weights when they are filled and empty(dry). If you frequently shift places, consider buying a less bulky battery. In case you still need a heavy battery, look for the ones equipped with a trolley.

Replacement, Warranty and Services

Most reputed companies offer free services within the warranty period (also called ‘flat warranty period’). In case your battery faces issues within a few months of purchase, it could be replaced, provided the fault occurs and is registered within the replacement/pro-rata warranty period. It also helps if the company provides installation and maintenance services, since this can be a tough task for most individuals. Hence, warranty period is also an important factor while purchasing a battery!

We hope this comprehensive guide helped you and made the task of buying a battery easier! If you are looking for an authorised battery dealer, we at Nantech sell batteries of numerous reputed companies.

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