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Simple Solutions To Most Prevalent Inverter Battery Issues

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Inverter Battery Woes? Let Us Help You Solve It

Inverters in Chennai are essential. No home or office can do without them because a single power cut means all the gadgets and appliances; we rely on every day become useless. Inverters provide the power back-up necessary for a continued supply of electricity to them.

But like any other machine, inverters are also prone to common problems. In this article, we explore the solutions to the most common issues that crop up in inverters and batteries.

Why Is Your Inverter Not Turning On?

These are the possible reasons along with remedies why your UPS or inverter is not switching on:

  • The battery is not connected. Ensure that the connection is made correctly.
  • The terminals of the battery are loose. Make sure that they are tight and precisely fit.
  • The terminals of the battery are loose. Make sure that they are tight and precisely fit.
  • The inverter is tripped. In this case, all you need to do is press the reset button on it.
  • The battery has a fault. The solution is to replace it.
  • The terminals are rusty. Clean out the corrosion for the inverter to work suitably.
  • The terminals are reversed. Use the inverter manual to connect the right terminals.
  • The battery has become very weak. You will need to charge it. In case the battery is very old, you might need to replace it.
  • The battery is completely discharged. The solution here is to charge for some hours before switching the inverter on.

Why Is Your Inverter Battery Not Charging?

The most common cause of battery not charging is because it is dead. You will have to replace it for the inverter to work. There are three other reasons for it:

  • The fuses have melted. You will need to replace them.
  • The rectifiers are burnt. You will need to take the inverter to the service centre.
  • The battery connection is loose due to corrosion. Clean the terminals to remove rust and then clamp the connection firmly.

Why Is Your Inverter Making A Beeping Noise?

  • An inverter makes a beeping noise when it runs on the power of the battery. The sound is like an alarm that indicates that the inverter has transferred from normal electricity to battery operation. Since this is just an indicator, there is no problem to solve.
  • When the battery of the inverter is very low, it begins to beep. The sound tells you that the inverter will shut down pretty soon unless you charge the battery. The inverter is forced to shut down to prevent the battery from being discharged too much. Generally, the beeping begins two minutes before shut down. The solution here is to recharge the inverter for a few hours. It will stop the beeping sound.


  • One more reason your inverter may be making a constant beeping sound is capacity overload. When there are too many gadgets and appliances connected to the inverter, it reaches an overload condition. The beeping is an alarm to inform you of the same. There are two remedies to this problem. One, you can remove all non-essential devices from the inverter. Two, you buy a new inverter that has sufficient capacity to take a load of all the equipment at your home or office. The right size inverter will never beep due to capacity overload.
  • One last reason the battery is beeping is a failed self-test. This is not a common cause, but it does happen. Every 14 days, the inverter conducts a self-test. The test checks the integrity of the battery. If the test fails, the inverter starts beeping. This happens when the battery is near the end of its life. The solution is to get the battery replaced within one month.

In Conclusion:

The reasons described in the post above are some of the most common problems that people face with inverters. Thankfully, a majority of them have simple solutions that can be done at home. If that fails, then an inverter repair centre can resolve them quickly.

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That said, it should be noted that each issue, like a beeping sound or not charging, may have a different symptom and underlying reason. For instance, if the inverter is making one, constant beeping noise it means capacity overload. Whereas, if the battery beeps in a continuous manner, then the battery is low. Essentially, you have to pinpoint the symptom to get to the issue.

If you are unable to remedy the problem at home, it is highly advised to take the inverter to a supplier in Chennai. They will have experts who can find the issue in a matter of minutes and give you a solution for it!

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