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Are We An Electricity-Surplus Nation?

Power supply in between power grids

As per the facts on Wikipedia, India is the third-largest consumer of electricity in the world. Not only that, but we are also the third-largest producer of electricity. As of March 2020, the national electric grid has an installed capacity of 370.106 GW.

The number sounds impressive, but how does that translate in terms of India being an electricity-surplus nation? For the simple consumer, that question will translate as “How often will I have to endure power cuts?”

The reality is that India is always facing a deficit of electricity. In spite of the numerous government policies, electricity production is unable to meet its target. Besides that, there are a plethora of woes that are plaguing the electricity sector in India according to's_power_sector

Three UPS in Different sizes

  • Inadequate coal supply
  • Poor connectivity and infrastructure
  • Inadequate build up measures
  • Unequal pricing of electricity
  • Debts due to giveaways of free electricity
  • Unreliable and intermittent power supply to residential areas
  • The rising number of idle power stations
  • Lack of last-mile connectivity between consumers

The unequal distribution of power between all electricity consumers is one of the reasons for the erratic power supply. This is one of the main factors that drive the demand for other temporary sources of electricity like the UPS, inverter, and diesel generators.

The Rise Of The UPS And Inverter Market

Wikipedia facts state that there are over 10 million households across India that rely on the ever-reliable UPS as back-ups in case of load sheddings and monthly power shutdowns. UPS imports run to the tune of nearly $2 billion per year.

It takes no rocket scientist to conclude that the mounting demand for electricity and the yawning gap in supply and distribution are the driving factors of the UPS and Inverter industries. What else are the factors besides this?

  • The explosion and expansion of the IT sector have to be acknowledged as one of the main drivers of the industry.
  • IT-enabled services, increase in private telecom industries, expanding banking sectors, financial services, and insurance companies.
  • Erratic electricity supply in semi-urban and rural areas.
  • Increased consumerism of power-driven gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and PCs.
  • Increase in the use of portable power inverters.

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Pollution is also seen as an influencing factor that drives the demand for UPS and inverters. In New Delhi, diesel generators have been banned due to the sharp rise in pollution levels. As the only alternative source, the UPS has turned out to be the savior in many households and businesses across the capital.

UPS and Inverters: The Ever-Reliable Source of Power

The UPS and inverter market in India has witnessed exponential growth and there is nothing that will hinder it in the foreseeable future. There has been an increasing demand for inverters in the industrial sector too.

The stinging truth behind this is the pathetic, unreliable state of our national grid that is inadvertently pushing the demand for temporary power sources. Besides, there is more awareness of the need for backup sources. There is also the likelihood of an increase in power cuts. Industries simply cannot afford to sit through power outages. It is a sheer loss of time and money.


The Advantages Of Having A Reliable Inverter And UPS

  • When there is a power outage, they seamlessly provide power to the connected electric devices and appliances.
  • They are silent and do not give off poisonous fumes like the diesel generator.
  • They are more affordable especially for families that run on a tight budget.
  • UPS and inverters require only an annual or biannual maintenance. It saves you from all the hassles that come with maintaining a diesel generator.
  • They are compact and don't take up as much space.
  • They are designed to handle fluctuations in electricity and protect your gadgets from the unpredictability of the power supply.
  • Inverters are also designed to constantly check the incoming voltage for spikes and electromagnetic interferences.
  • The latest model of inverters come with power-saving features to prevent wastage of electricity.

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Covid-19 Lockdown: Rebound Of The Inverter Industry

The Covid-19 situation has caused stagnation in all the industries with no end of this woe insight. However, it is reassuring to know that things are looking good for the UPS and inverter industry in the post lockdown scenario.

What can be expected?

  • There will be a huge demand for replacements of auto batteries.
  • Battery discharge issues due to automobiles sitting idle for a long time.
  • A surge in demand for servicing of batteries both from the automobile and industrial sectors.

What are the positive outcomes of this situation for the inverter industry?
COVID 19 LockdownThe CEOs of leading inverter and battery industries are predicting a positive rebound of this sector in the post lockdown period. Rough estimates predict that the automotive industry alone could contribute to more than 50% of total revenues. The replacement of worn out and defunct batteries may account for 45% of the revenue.

Experts believe that the demand for automotive batteries and replacements in the industrial sector will help to sort out the stagnation of the inverter industry.

The other positive aspects are:

  • The additional demand for power backup in communication networks, health facilities and data centres (especially the ‘work from home option’) can be expected to drive the sales.
  • With all sectors and industries raring to be up and working after a prolonged state of idleness, it could create a demand for new power backup installation and the servicing of already existing backup systems.

Hence, there will be a slow but sure rise from this grim situation for the inverter industry. If your car battery has died down and you need a replacement, Nantech has the right solutions for you. We cater to all industries and domestic demands in the nooks and corners of Chennai and beyond. Waste no time in contacting us by phone - +91 99623 98222 or by email-

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