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Why Is An Inverter Supplier In Chennai Important For Smart Homes?

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Smart home technology has moved from luxury to necessity. People depend upon it for a variety of elements, ranging from switching on/off lights to streaming shows and music. All of these apps and tool work on the backbone of a single device – the router. It is the router that delivers internet connectivity to every gadget in a smart home. Without Wi-Fi, not even a single corner of a Smart Home will be viable.

Connectivity to the net has become so vital that it is the number 1 tech the average person cannot live without. Surveys have proven that Wi-Fi is even more important than the smartphone. 64% of adults accept that living without Wi-Fi for more than a day is not possible. And it makes complete sense because technology has automated everything. From washing machines to security systems, from lighting to refrigerators, every appliance in a home is controlled through the internet.

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The need for internet is not limited to managing smart homes. It is pivotal for entertainment too. Majority of households have TVs connected to at least one video streaming platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Fire, Netflix, Apple TV, etc. Given the current trend, a considerable portion of consumers is ‘cutting the cord’ entirely and opting for streaming services rather than cable.

How does an Inverter supplier in Chennai help a Smart home?

Household Energy Meter to record the energy consumptionTo keep the smart home working at all times, a functioning Wi-Fi is required 24x7. The same is necessary for streaming platforms. Let’s say your favourite show on Hotstar releases a new season. You sit down to binge-watch it because who wants cliff-hanger ending! Right when you are on the final episode of the season, power is lost.

It could be full-blown electricity outage or just a small glitch. In both cases, the router loses its internet connection and the show playing on your TV or laptop comes to an abrupt halt. You have to wait for the power to come back, the router to reboot and then restart the streaming of the episode.

In short, even a few seconds of power cut acts like a total buzzkill. Now if you had a battery backup like a UPS from an inverter supplier in Chennai such a rude interruption would not have occurred. If or when there is a power failure, the inverter will keep supplying electricity to the router. In other words, the immediate backup supply ensures that your internet connection is not lost.

Inverters and UPS shield expensive devices!

Besides guaranteeing that every gadget in a smart home is continuously connected to the Wi-Fi, inverters also protect these devices. Cities like Chennai are prone to power surges, i.e., small bursts of high-voltage. These surges can cause irreparable harm to sensitive devices like smart speakers and TCs. Surges can occur due to a number of reasons. Big appliances like refrigerators can produce them when cycling on and off, or weather conditions like storms can create them.

Night View of high rise building protected with inverters from best inverter battery manufacturers in chennaiA reliable UPS from an inverter supplier in Chennai protects any device plugged into it from the damaging impact of high-voltage. Solid backup power supply comes with enough outlets to connect the most essential appliances in a home. The TV, the router and the entertainment centre are just some of them. A high-end UPS will also have USB ports to charge smartphones and other portable devices.

Essentially, a power backup makes sure that all your gadgets are protected and functioning through an outage. If you invest in a smart UPS, then you get one more benefit. These smart power backups alert you to fundamental issues like failing battery. Thus, giving you enough warning to get the battery charged or changed before the next electricity cut happens.

How many inverters you will need and what strength of UPS will be required depends upon the number of gadgets in the home and the location of them. For example, if your router, TV and entertainment unit are all in one place, then a single UPS is enough. If all the appliances are installed in different areas of the house, then more UPS will be necessary.

Nantech has a long history of a reliable inverter supplier in Chennai. Our UPS and other battery backup solutions ensure constant connectivity to almost any appliance. From smart homes to big businesses, we have a solution for all kinds of requirements. To know more on which inverter will fit best in your Smart home, get in touch with us.
We will guide you through the process with a power solution that remains within your financial limit. A one-time, small investment in inverters protects your home and its appliances from damage and virtually guarantees that you are never interrupted while watching your favourite show!

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