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What Does Chennai Need in Terms For Better Power Management Systems?

Chennai being a metropolitan city is a massive consumer of electricity and was infamous in the past for having frequent power cuts. The situation has improved with the introduction and application of new technology in power production and distribution. The sheer size of the city demands a complex system of power distribution, and that coupled with its heterogeneous urban and sub-urban localities requires even greater planning and execution to ensure continuous electricity is supplied to the entire city. One of the most promising solutions to this massive challenge is using an electrical power management system.

Due to increasing complexities like different loads and supplies, power-sensitive equipment, higher safety standards, and an all-around high need for comprehensive management, an electrical power management system needs to put in place. This system aims to provide real-time observation and control of the electrical states of entire cities. The power management system provides safe and reliable operation of your power distribution systems including the equipment attached to it. This system provides the following uses:

  • Avoid electrical fires and prevent shock
  • Improve uptime by avoiding unplanned outages
  • Find ways to reduce energy costs
  • Optimize maintenance and get more life from electrical assets
  • They can help keep a check on carbon emissions and prove to be an eco-friendly intervention to combat climate change.

An electrical power management system is based on an intricate relationship between a digitalized background and quality hardware. There are sensors placed in particular positions to provide accurate real-time readings of electrical indices, power supplied, and the power consumed. These sensors relay their input to power metering devices, which have various capabilities like protection relays, and motor control units. This system along with the addition of smart devices installed provides a fully digitalized solution to power-related problems.

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The applications of electrical power management systems include:

Electrical system health and efficiency: - With the facility to record real-time electrical activities these systems can provide a high level of safety by preventing overloads, short circuits, identifying faulty equipment, etc. Along with this, it gives information about how we can improve the efficiency of a system.

Capacity management: - By recording and displaying past data, the future trends of power distribution can be predicted. For example, using previous data, the power management system of Chennai was able to avoid a wide-scale power cut when the Prime Minister of India requested its citizens to turn off the lights and fans in honor of the health care workers during the lockdown.

Equipment Monitoring: - Faulty equipment or underperforming equipment can be detected and replaced by using smart technology. Harmonic wave distortion can also be prevented effectively.

Power event Analysis: - In general, the electric grid is dynamic and prone to regular disturbance. This system can detect these disturbances and find out the root cause and isolate it.

Since Chennai is an ancient city and is ever-evolving, it is difficult to place a single new electrical power management system for the entire city. However, big institutions, offices, factories can independently install such systems for better efficiency and safety. A clear vision and thoughtful execution are of paramount importance to connect all these systems to make Chennai virtually a high functioning single organism.

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