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Solar Street Light - Manufacturer in Chennai Shows Its Powers!

Solar Street Light Dealers in Chennai Explain the Recent Interest in Solar Street Lights!

Solar power is one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of electrical energy! It especially makes sense to go for it in places like Chennai where there is no shortage of bright sunlight. Thus, a considerable number of industrial establishments, residential townships and gated communities in the city are now turning towards solar powered street lights to light up their private roads and thoroughfares!

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Find Out How Solar Street Lights Work - From One of the Best Solar Street Light Dealers in Chennai!

Solar street lights are typically LED-based self-illuminating devices. A solar street light usually contains a photo-voltaic (PV) system that converts solar energy from sunlight into electrical energy and stores it in a self-contained battery unit.

As the day comes to a close, the voltage in the PV unit falls, triggering the battery on and making the LED light glow. The street lights burn the brightest during the first few hours of the night. But as daybreak approaches, the intensity of the light reduces gradually and shuts off completely when there is enough light to get the PV module going again.

Some solar street lights have motion sensors to glow brighter when people are about while remaining at optimal brightness the rest of the time.

The Many Benefits of Solar Street Lights in Chennai!

Energy Efficiency

This is probably the single main USP of solar street lights! They do not need to draw on the power supply from any grid as they are standalone, self-contained units. Since they have sensors to trigger automatic on/off and dimming of lights based on the availability of natural light, they do not use any more power than what is required for lighting up our streets.

Independence From Grid

As we saw earlier, solar-powered street lights do not depend on any electricity grid to function. So, they are not affected by any power disruptions in the power network either. Thus, if there is a power blackout in an area, the street lights would still be on.


No more messy wires hanging from electric lamp poles because solar street lights are compact independent units that do not need to be interconnected with each other. Since the battery is usually sealed into the PV unit itself, these lights are virtually wireless!

Illumination in Remote Locations

Since solar street light are off-grid, they are ideal for illuminating remote locations which do not have access to the local power grid. They need to be just transported and installed in the required spots without any significant complications.

Green Energy

Solar street lights are incredibly gentle on the environment with hardly any carbon footprint. What is more, they are highly sustainable and 100% pollution free.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote from the best dealers of these “wonder” lights in the city, do a comparative study of solar street light price in Chennai and start lighting up your neighbourhood!

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