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Quick Tips To Keep Your Car Battery Healthy

A battery is an indispensable part of your car. It can be compared to what the heart does to the human body- It constantly streams in a steady power source into your car components. All of the car’s electronics, including the ECU, headlights, AC, music system, horns, and even the starter motor, rely on the battery to function. And, that is why just like how we should keep our heart healthy, we should also keep our car battery healthy.

Say Checkmate To Climate

On average, a car battery should last between 2 and 6 years. However, the temperature can have a huge impact on the average battery life. A hot day can negatively affect the battery’s life expectancy because of the evaporation of its fluids. So, to make your battery last as long as possible, you must consider the climate in which you will drive. You should take extra care if you are driving in a hot climate.

It’s true that the climate is uncontrollable. But, you can control the battery damage in more than one way. Our experts understand your concerns about maintaining your vehicle batteries. That’s why we’re here to give you 8 tips to take good care of your car battery. As Chennai’s leading Exide car battery dealers and having served our clients for over two decades, we are confident that our maintenance guide will help your batteries last longer.


A car’s battery is unquestionably one of its most essential components. While car operations are almost impossible with low batteries, its high repair and replacement costs make maintenance even more essential. Regular maintenance will ensure the safety of car batteries for many years to come.

In light of our experiences, we have listed below some tips for maintaining your car battery.

Let shade be your car’s brigade

It has been observed that high temperatures often impact the volume of Sulphuric acid inside the battery. Rapid evaporation of the acid causes the battery to die sooner. The best way to protect your car battery from high heat and humidity is to park it in a shaded area or under a covered parking area. This will ensure that your vehicle is not directly exposed to heat.

Clean the batteries umpteen times

Over time, car batteries accumulate dust and corrosion. Rust can form over metal parts of the battery, especially around the terminals, if exposed to dirt and humidity for a long time. These are often the major causes of short circuits and discharges that hinder the longevity of your battery. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the battery regularly with a dry cloth to ensure a steady flow of power for a long time.

Say no to quick rides

Short rides prevent your car’s battery from getting fully charged. To avoid this, we recommend driving long distances and doing so more frequently. Investing in a portable car battery charger is a sensible option if you don’t drive your car too often. You can use portable chargers to jump-start your car if you get stranded on the road. You will not have to rely on getting assistance from other vehicles if you have a portable charger with you.

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Monitor the battery’s water level regularly

Battery cells contain distilled water which must be monitored regularly to ensure the appropriate level is maintained. Over time these liquids tend to evaporate and get drained, eventually concentrating the acid. This condition can result in corrosion and reduced battery life. To ensure that the battery’s water level is maintained properly, and if it becomes low, top it up right away.

Fasten your battery tight

Loosely fitted batteries are prone to vibration. Vibration can cause serious internal damage and short circuits. Regularly inspect the terminals of your car battery to make sure it is fastened tightly to the mounting bracket. This is especially important when you make a long and bumpy ride in your car.

Lower the power usage

You should turn off your air conditioner and radio when the engine is not running. Using these power-consuming features can cause wear and tear on your battery. It has also been observed that extended periods of idling are harmful to the batteries.

Ride often

Unused cars can reduce the lifespan of their batteries if they are left for long periods. If you do not use the batteries for a long time, you will be unable to start the vehicle. If you are not in town, ask a friend to drive your car around.

Never forget to turn off the lights

When you step out of your car, make sure you turn off your car’s lights. Leaving the headlights or door lights on can shorten the life of your battery. Consider making it a habit to check the car’s lights every time you use it. This way, you ensure that your battery is not stressed or overloaded, thereby extending its life.

Power your ride with good maintenance and durable batteries

Maintaining a car’s battery is vital to avoid incidents of breakdowns and unexpected damages. With the eight tips mentioned in this article, be confident about driving your car safely and without the fear of breaking down. As one of the best USP and Exide car battery dealers in Chennai, we ensure that your car batteries receive prolonged service life and optimum performance. Our services and products are exclusively designed to exceed your expectations and keep you satisfied in all possible ways.

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