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Can Inverters Save Electricity?

Inverters are devices that are very commonly used as a back-up during a power outage. Chennai faces such power cuts on multiple occasions. Although there is no power supply from the mains during a blackout, inverters keep supplying uninterrupted electricity. Inverters thereby act as reserves of electricity but can they also save electricity? If so, how do they do that? Let us find out.

How Do Power Inverters Function?

  • Electronic devices or circuitry converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The conversion to alternating current, also called output current, is required to run any appliance at your home or office.
  • Inverters do this conversion with a charger's aid and a battery to consume and store input current (DC), respectively.

Can Inverters Have 100% Efficiency?

  • Efficiency is defined as the ratio of output current (AC) to the sum of output (AC) and inputs current (DC). It tells us how effective a device is.
  • Inverters differ in the way they are manufactured and thus have variable efficiencies.
  • To have 100% efficiency, an inverter would need to convert all the input power into output power. But this is not realistically possible by a device.

How Can Inverters Save Electricity?

  • There are multiple sources of energy losses. While some of them are innate to every inverter device, few of them can be eliminated or at least minimized.
  • By eliminating avoidable losses, we can reduce power consumption and thus indirectly save electricity!

How To Eliminate Losses?

It is observed that the higher the inverter capacity, the higher is the loss of energy. Thus, it is recommended to know the power requirement of your residence or workplace.

  • We start by enlisting the various appliances that would be connected to the inverter.
  • The power needed to run these appliances is calculated in watts. Customers can thus choose the correct size and model that suits them.
  • It is advisable to get inverters in the range of 250VA - 5kVA.

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  • Overcharging corrodes the battery, which may lead to premature failure of the device.
  • To avoid this, Nantech provides inverters that are highly automated. It protects the battery from being overcharged.
  • There is the provision of 'cooling fans,' which prevent the battery from getting hot and reduce heat energy loss.

Quality check:

  • Nantech provides an 'after-sales service' for all customers in Chennai, preserving the original quality.
  • The components of inverters that we provide are serviceable, and the warranty is never excused.


  • If multiple heavy power-consuming appliances are connected to the inverter, the load might exceed our inverter's limits and consume more power.
  • When the load is over 115% of that model's said capacity, the 'auto shut down' facility comes into action in a scenario like this.
  • The excess load is kept in control, which also prolongs the life of the inverter.


  • The overall efficiency is boosted with proper maintenance, which makes a device more efficient and durable.

Reach out to us if you are in search of an inverter that can 'save' electricity.

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