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Implications of Power Cut on Smart Homes & Remedial Measures

Power cuts could prove detrimental to your machinery if they are not properly maintained. Depending upon the reason for the power cut, it has a different effect on the home. If an overload is causing abrupt spikes in electricity, the central power grid may get severely damaged and cause overheating of the appliances. If the power cut is due to undue power failure from the mains, it is usually less detrimental. Still, if it often occurs, in the long run, it may reduce the efficiency of your machinery as it pushes itself to function against the low voltage. Some machines require more energy to start rather than run for long durations. A higher electricity bill is consumed in regular power cuts, and a higher electricity bill is generated.

Power cuts could also be due to faulty wiring and structural weakness in the electricity grid at home. That endangers the lives of the inhabitants of the house and may even damage society's central grid. Faulty wiring is one of the lead causes of electricity-related fires globally and is highly prevalent in Chennai's developing areas like suburbs or rural areas surrounding Chennai. Not to mention; the gross inconvenience caused to the households. Computers may stop working, which may lead to loss of data or inadequate job productivity.

Refrigerators and microwaves might stop functioning, and if this goes on for long, a lot of food might get wasted. If the aqua-guards do not function, potable water might not be available. This problem is severe for Chennaites because of the severe water shortage already existing in the city. So, several issues can arise from power cuts. In June 2019, there was a power cut almost daily, affecting the health of lakhs of Chennaites amid summer!

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So, let us take a look at some of the solutions:

  • Monitor your equipment:

Buy and use quality products and maintain them. Faulty wiring or low quality of semiconductors in the machinery itself may cause damage to both the machinery and the home's wiring. Make sure that all wires should be insulated, and the machine should not cause a shock.

  • Monitor the power quality:

If you notice that the current is facing fluctuations, it could be due to harmonic wave interference caused by low lights or switched-mode devices. It is advised by Nantech to install an active Harmonic filter or a servo stabilizer to prevent any power quality-related complications.

  • Get to the root of the power problem:

Ask your neighbours if they face a similar situation to determine if it is a problem in your house or a defect in the central electricity supply. If there seems to be a central problem, promptly inform the authorities. If it's a problem at home, check using a tester if there is any problem with the machine you are having trouble with. If you suspect some other cause, call a technician immediately.

  • Use good quality circuit breakers:

This will ensure that you will not be a victim of power surges, and most of all, you will be protected from electrocution or fires that may prove to be fatal.

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