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Why the UPS is the Heart of a Data Centre Power System!

Data centres are a crucial part of how business is done in the Information Age. They help store and handle massive volumes of data for various industries. The day-to-day running of many businesses and large organizations is heavily reliant on the instant and constant availability of data. Hence, it is essential for data centres to be always up and running with very little downtime in its operation. And the cornerstone for any data centre is its power system!

UPS Manufacturing Companies are in Great Demand By Data Centres.

A robust power system is the basic requirement of information storage systems. Any issues in the power supply to the data centre will have an adverse effect on the data services. They could cause data corruption, expensive equipment damage as well as that much-dreaded D-word - Downtime! So, the power supply system must be equipped to handle any disruptions in the input power and be able to provide a steady output to meet the power demands of the data centre. The UPS plays an important and indispensable role in ensuring this!

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UPS Ensures Smooth Operation of a Data Centre! Leading UPS Supplier in Chennai Explains How.

Find out the various reasons why UPS is a crucial cog in the uninterrupted operation of a data centre!

Power BackUp

The mainstay of a UPS is the provision of backup power in case of power outages. A few years ago, power shut downs were common occurrence in Tamil Nadu. Industries were given power holidays to reduce demands on the state grid. Data centres simply cannot have downtime due to external factors such as this, since they deal with crucial business data! The data centres do not any control over these reasons but what they *can* control is the set up of a robust power backup UPS to anticipate and handle such power outages!

Power Quality

The quality of power fed into the data servers is a major factor for unhindered operation of the data centre. Even if a UPS has been set up to provide instantaneous backup power, it should still be able to nullify or mitigate the effects of poor input power quality. This is very important as power quality issues can cause serious equipment damage, extended downtime, irreparable data corruption, and expensive bills. The UPS systems typically handle any transients, voltages fluctuations, spikes, sags and surges in input power both due to problems in the supply grid as well as environmental factors such as lightning strikes!

Equipment Protection

Data centre equipment are expensive and highly sensitive to electric disruptions. So, you can imagine the amount of damage that can be done to the valuable equipment if the power supply is compromised. This damage can prove costly - in terms of repair/replacement of the affected equipment and loss of business due to downtime - not to mention the cost of data corruption!

Here Is Why You Need a Reliable Emerson UPS in Chennai for Data Centre Efficiency.

In addition to all the power advantages, UPS systems have a hand in the efficient operation of the data centre too! It is especially true in hot places such as Chennai, where bigger power demands are placed on the power system than in colder climes, in order to maintain the data servers at low temperatures. The choice of UPS, thus, makes a great difference to the operational energy efficiency of a data centre!

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your business data! Protect your data centre and hence, your business from the vagaries of an unreliable power supply! Find the best UPS dealer in Chennai and invest in a high quality Emerson UPS today!

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