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4 Incredible Benefits Of A Servo Voltage Stabilizer!

Servo voltage stabilizers find widespread use in several modern industries. Their ability to manage discrepancies in the input voltage and provide a steady output voltage has found takers not only in industries but also in homes, schools, and offices around the world. Find out what makes servo stabilizers so sought-after.

Before we delve into the very many benefits of a Servo voltage stabilizer, let us first find out what servo stabilizer manufacturers in Chennai say about it.

What Is A Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

A servo voltage stabilizer is one that uses a Servo motor to maintain the output voltage at the steady, rated value. The AC synchronous motor serves to control the input to a variable transformer which in turn regulates the output from the stabilizer. It scores over the more traditional relay-based voltage stabilizers in its voltage regulation capabilities.

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Here Are Four Important Advantages Of Using A Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Chennai!

Prevents Equipment Damage

Industrial equipment is often susceptible to damage from voltage fluctuations. If the input voltage is not within permissible limits, they can suffer substantial harm resulting in a malfunction or even complete breakdown of the machinery. Servo stabilizers keep the input voltage within 1% of the rated value, making them the best possible choice for controlling input power to any industrial equipment.

Protects Equipment Operators

Voltage variations can cause severe malfunction of machinery, which can result in serious bodily harm or a grievous injury to the factory personnel working them. So, it is imperative that the input voltage is kept within permissible limits to ensure safety in the shop floor. Servo voltage stabilizers can handle up to 50% variation in input voltage while providing only a 1% deviation in the output voltage.

Saves Money

Servo voltage stabilizers offer excellent value for money. They are low maintenance devices that are durable, and easy to transport. This is in addition to the overall savings in electricity bills as the voltage is regulated to within 1% of the rated value. Not to mention the hidden savings in equipment repair and replacement as they do a great job of protecting them.

Servo Stabilizer Dealers in Chennai Say They Work For Domestic Uses Too!

Used For Non-Industrial Purposes Too

Not just in an industrial setting, servo voltage stabilizers are increasingly used for domestic purposes as well. Homes, schools are even offices are opting for these stabilizers to control the input voltage to refrigerators and air conditioning units. Besides saving on power, they also protect the appliances from voltage fluctuations as well as your family from a risk of electrical fire. They are available in a wide range of ratings to cater to industrial as well as domestic requirements.

Dealers Of Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Chennai Speak Of Its Other Benefits

In addition to the many advantages listed above, servo voltage stabilizers are also equipped to handle heavy loads, even 5000 KVA and above. It is available in both air-cooled and oil-cooled variations depending on the capacity. Since they provide stepless voltage correction at the rate of 25 volts per second, they are preferred over traditional relay-type stabilizers.

All these immense advantages make servo voltage stabilizers the ideal choice for voltage regulation in industries.

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