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Methods For Getting Through Power Cuts

We heavily rely on electricity for our needs. From businesses to homes, office buildings, and factories – everywhere we depend on electricity for not just our day-to-day operations and conveniences, but also for maximizing business profits and sustaining organizations. Electricity is a key resource in every aspect of our lives today.

In a previous article, we mentioned how Chennai faces power cuts, and all the statistics related to it. We now know that power cuts can occur anytime and anywhere, hence we must prepare for the same by equipping ourselves with the right products to get us through one.

Fortunately, there are many such products and devices available in the market that are made so that we can get through such power cuts. Mainly, an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system is used, but there is one more feasible method that can prove more beneficial! This article shall give you an overview of all such methods, and in the end, a link to the best place to get them in Chennai!

UPS Systems

UPS systems are the most common methods of mitigating power failures. The main idea of these systems is that there is a battery to store power, an AC/DC converting rectifier, and a DC/AC converting inverter. Many brands are available for the same as well. There are three types of UPS systems that are commonly used:

Online UPS systems – currently the best UPS system available in the market. This uses a ‘double-conversion’ process, first converting AC/DC to the battery, and in case of a failure, DC/AC back to the inverter, and then to the power lines. This has excellent noise protection, almost no power transfer time delay, and within ±2-3% voltage regulation, making it suitable for critical equipment.

Line-Interactive UPS Systems – These provide intermediate-level power protection. Here, a bypass carries power from your inverter (connected to the main line) to the batteries for charging, and the battery discharges back to your inverter in case of a failure. It also has better surge protection, 2-4ms delay in power transfer time, and output voltage regulation within ±8-15% of nominal voltage.

Offline UPS Systems – These provide a basic level of power protection for your equipment. We connect a battery in parallel to the supply line, and during the case of a failure, the battery supplies power to your connections. These provide little surge protection, a 2-10ms delay in power transfer for your systems in a failure, and little voltage regulation.

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Solar Systems

Solar power systems are slowly gaining traction, both in business investments and in research advancement and funding. They mitigate carbon footprints and reduce pollution. We mention Solar systems because Chennai has a tropical climate for the most part of the year, where the sun shines upon us. Why not utilize it? Some uses for solar technologies are:

  • Streetlamps can be converted to Solar LED lamps, which are greener and more efficient
  • Electric Vehicles can be charged using Solar EV chargers connected to a solar inverter

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