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Power Cuts Frequency in Chennai

Chennai is one of India’s bustling metropolitan cities, with many businesses running their day-to-day operations to many households living and thriving in communities and societies. Many restaurants are serving quick idlis, vadais, and dosas for people rushing to their offices, and many schools and institutes are grooming tomorrow's future. Even Metros are now coming to many areas, and soon we shall indeed be a metropolitan city.

Noticed something familiar in all these examples? They all require electricity. A day of not having electricity can make most of these businesses lose customers and hence profits. As an example, if metros don't get a power supply, their facility will completely stop. A regular office-going person wouldn’t be able to catch his train on time then.

Hence in this article, we shall explain how frequent power cuts are in Chennai and why they are essential for you to know. Through this article, we aim to convince you to invest in power-saving equipment that will benefit your business(es).

Types of Power Cuts

Now keep in mind that when we say power cuts, we could refer to two different scenarios:

  • A qualified electrician can fix any local electrical fault that occurs in your office building or home. We often do this, and it is a fixable problem.
  • Scheduled outages are scheduled power cuts that are decided by the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd.

An electrical fault in the supply line - This problem is something we should consider. Any issue (say) in the carrier line or a transformer at the electricity generation plant can make you have to wait while the power gets restored. Now here too, there are two sub-categories:

  • Sudden outages can sometimes occur, which is an unfortunate event.
  • A natural disaster can bring long power cuts.

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Power Cuts in 2020

We can use scheduled outages as a metric since the others are something we cannot track. Please note that we are giving rough estimates backed by sufficient research. Now coming to the actual statistics:

  • In 2020 alone, there were 99 scheduled outages in various areas in Chennai!
  • These outages were as short as 1-2 hours and as long as 5-6 hours (on average), maybe even more!
  • ow each outage usually has around 6-7 outages in many different areas, which means that on average, there were 595-693 outage events throughout Chennai in the last year!

Power Cuts in The Last Three Years

In the last three years,

Year Number of Outages Scheduled Number of Outage Areas/Events Total number of Outage Events
2019 19 7-8 133-152
2018 15 5-6 75-90
2017 14 5-6 75-90

We see that the power cuts have been increasing in frequency over the last three years. This data shows us that we need to prepare for any scenario by investing in good quality power-saving equipment. Nantech is your go-to place for all your power-saving needs in Chennai, with excellent products and services! Please come and check us out here, and we assure you of an enriching and rewarding experience!
We wish you a Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

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