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Emerson UPS Preventive Maintenance Checklist – Get To It!

UPS Preventive Maintenance Tips By Nantech Power Systems

UPS Manufacturers In Chennai Talk All Things Maintenance

As the season changes in Chennai, the demand for UPS manufacturers will soar. The reason is quite straightforward. Changing weather means a shortage of electricity. It is one bane of living anywhere in India from a metro city like Chennai to a small town like Bhatinda.
But buying a battery backup is not enough. Maintaining the UPS is as crucial, and that’s what the article explores. An essential checklist of things to keep your UPS in tip-top shape.

  • What needs maintenance?

UPS manufacturers say that batteries and the system are the two critical parts. When both work in tandem, they keep the UPS performing for a long time and reliably. What kind of maintenance the two components require and how often is dependent on the type of battery in the UPS and its capacity? To give an instance, standby systems made of sealed batteries rarely necessitate maintenance. On the other hand, flooded-cell cells utilised in double-conversion UPS must be maintained each month. Just because flooded-cells demand care frequently, it doesn’t make them useless. Their performance is 3x that of sealed batteries.

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What Does A UPS Manufacturer In Chennai Check During Maintenance?

UPS Manufactures in Chennai

Batteries with flooded-cells are typically found in isolated areas and banks in Chennai. When a technician goes for a check-up, they should:

  • Look for the level of electrolytes – it should be proper.
  • Check for any signs of a leak in the battery.
  • Note the voltage of the room and the current.
  • Make sure the place has a sound ventilation system for optimal operations.
  • Pick individual cells at random and pen down their voltage after testing the electrolytes.
  • Look for dirt accumulation or corrosion on the battery terminals.
  • Keep a record of all measurements so that performance can be gauged.

Besides this monthly check-up of a flooded-cell battery, there should be biannual maintenance that includes:

  • Inspection of battery connections
  • Retorquing the battery connections

This is critical because a loose connection gives way to heat build-up at the terminal, which causes:

  • Decreased battery like
  • Lower system capacity
  • Risk of fire

When Do You Call UPS Manufacturers In Chennai For Maintenance?

Knowing that batteries require maintenance is the first stage. The second is being aware of what needs to be checked. The last is to understand the correct times for equipment testing. A regular UPS maintenance schedule is vital to the performance of the machine. Here’s how often a UPS manufacturer in the city would recommend getting a tune-up:

  • Every four months, a visual inspection is needed to ensure that no loose connections have occurred. Also, check for any sign of wear and tear or burned insulation.
  • Every six months eye-test the liquid for any signs of contamination. This is possible through the battery and capacitors. Check the entire equipment for performance issues connected to humidity and temperature. The UPS should also be cleaned and vacuumed at this stage.
  • Once a year, do a thorough operational test of the entire UPS. Perform a battery rundown test to make certain all cells are working at peak levels and not reached the end of their lifespan. After this, a thermal scan is recommended. The scan ensures all connections are tight and not building-up heat. The heat signatures are generally invisible to the naked eye.

Are you thinking of getting your UPS tested? Want to guarantee that your batteries are working at 100%? Get in touch with Nantech, the number one UPS manufacturer in Chennai for a quick check.

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